Nitsa Citrine Shares Her Adaptogens As ‘Cure-To-All’

Nitsa Citrine shares the power of adaptogens. She is a  wellness expert and the founder of House of Citrine. An adaptogen is a tonic herb or medicinal plant that works to bring the body into a state of balance. It’s growing in popularity because it helps your body to adapt to internal or environmental stressors.

If you’re somebody who cares a great deal about your health and regularly follow wellness trends. Then you’ll know that the word, ‘adaptogen’ is showing up everywhere. However, having said that, people are using it and rarely ever explain what they actually are.

There’s a ton of health benefits that come from incorporating adaptogens into your diet. These can range from skin-clearing abilities to restorative metabolic powers. They’re amazing because they can heal you from the inside out.

And they’re not new either. In fact, adaptogens have been around since ancient Chinese medicine. Nitsa Citrine, the creative director of holistic herb brand Sun Potion, adaptogens have been a part of her life since her ‘New Agey’ parents would use them to treat her ailments as a child.

04Nitsa Citrine Shares Her ‘Cure-To-All’

The wellness guru shares with WMagazine that she was introduced to the power of adaptogens because of her parents.  Her father is an acupuncturist and her mom is a huge healing-through-food advocate. She said she was raised with many different healing herbs, particularly when preventing the flu or any other kind of health issue.

Nitsa says she experienced terrible anxiety and panic attacks later in her life when travelling to Asia. So she began to carry Reishi mushrooms with her to improve her overall immunity and mental state. These herbs would calm her. She would also take chlorella for nutrients and chlorophyll that she could munch on. According to Nitsa, her anxiety and panic attacks have stabilised since taking these herbs.

Being on this health journey for most of Citrine’s life led her to Scott Linde, the founder of Sun Potion. They both had a deep passion for adaptogens and would brainstorm about all the herbs together. And I just have to mention that this relationship eventually blossomed into a romance too. Linde started Sun Potion in 2011. However, it only began to excel when Citrine joined and the brand began appearing in health food stores. Soon it developed its Instagram aesthetic with a following of nearly 20,000.

Here’s What You Need To Know

You can start using adaptogens at any age. Nitsa Citrine shares their gentle quality. However, it all depends on you because everyone is going to have their own response. She says if you are curious, then it’s the right time to start. And they’re safe for children too, but it is better for the parents to experience their effects first. Citrine says if you’re working with health challenges or medical conditions, then it’s best to talk to your doctor first.

What Are The Recommended Adaptogens?

Nitsa Citrine shares her travel adventures a lot on Instagram. Therefore, she recommends the Reishi mushroom for calming the mind or improving immunity for those who travel frequently. She says she puts it in her tea on the plane. Better yet,Nitsa says she very rarely gets sick when she remembers to take it.

Then her second ‘go-to’ is called Ho Shu Wu. According to Nitsa, this is a fantastic regulative herb. It helps nourish the kidneys, hair and nails for both men and women. Then her third is their Ashwagandha. This herb is amazing for balancing hormones, boosting immunity and relieving stress.

There is basically a herb for everything. House of Citrine launched a Yin powder blend, which is Nitsa’s favorite. She says that she takes it on a daily basis. It contains Ho Shu Wu, Reishi and Ashwagandha. Therefore, if you’re looking try this out then take this blend because it covers all of the bases.

Incorporating Adaptogens Into Your DietNitsa Citrine shares [longevity live]

Nitsa Citrine shares that these herbs are best for creating brilliant skin health. She says whether it’s inflammation or breakouts or wanting to improve elasticity, adaptogens will do it all! They’re also great for aiding a natural detox, balancing weight, hormonal health, thyroid health, and stress. They’re the easiest way to feel better!

And they are safe to use in conjunction with Western medicine because there is also a place for Western medicine in the world.

If you’re trying to start building your pantry then it would be best to stock it up with Reishi, Ho Shu Wu, Ashwagandha, and Yin Powder. Nitsa Citrine shares that these were formulated to nourish feminine energy but they do work for men too. This is because they provide a sense of calm and balances hormones. Another favorite of hers is Pine Pollen. This is a special one because Nitsa shares its aphrodisiac and brainpower qualities.

However, Nitsa says if you’re taking more than one herb, it’s better to take smaller doses of each. Adaptogens are more effective when you take less consistently than overwhelming your system by taking large doses.

Powder Or Capsule?

Nitsa believes there is a time and a place for capsule-form. However, in powder form, you can blend adaptogens into smoothies and elixirs. She says the body recognizes it as food, so it’s more easily absorbed. As soon as you taste it, the digestive process begins. More importantly, you don’t have to make drastic changes to the way you eat. You can start by simply adding them to certain things, like your coffee in the morning.

Nitsa says she likes to have a tea ceremony first thing in the morning with Living Tea. Throughout the week, she is constantly making nut milk or seed milk. Her favorite thing to do is make a big batch and then use it as a base to create blended potions. Nitsa created the hashtag called #APotionADay and she uses it to showcase all the potions she makes.

Nitsa enjoys blending up whatever herbs she feels like that day. If it’s cold out, she makes a warm potion. If it’s hot, she throws in roots or berries and makes it into a shake. That usually carries her into the afternoon. On a workday, she’ll have a lighter lunch like a light salad or nori avocado wrap and munch on seeds. Dinner is her main food event, which will be tons of veggies. Sometimes she makes a sprouted grain dish or local sustainable seafood. However, on the whole, she enjoys snacking on raw chocolates and little treats throughout the day.

However, you can make adaptogens work for you according to your preferred diet!

Thanks to Instagram we have the ability to share so much knowledge about health and wellness. As a result, we are able to learn and grow from each other.

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