Progesterone Keeps You Radiant

Imagine if you could increase your health and longevity, just by having fun with friends? Well it seems as though you can. Spending delicious time with close friends is one of the best mood lifters. The University of Michigan have discovered why. Researcher Stephanie Brown, assistant professor of internal medicine, conducted an interesting study on the effects of close social bonding on our progesterone levels. This is our sexy, playful, feminine hormone. It keeps us slim, radiant and happy, and hanging with the girls increases it.


Finding your happy place

Estrogen the antagonist to progesterone?

Today we have many influences that increase oestrogen, the antagonist, to progesterone. The problem is ‘estrogen dominance’ creates health problems such as weight gain, anxiety and depression. The more we can nourish progesterone, the more we can handle stress and generally thrive.

This hormone promotes our urge to bond. The study discovered that simply doing basic tasks with friends made no difference to its levels. But a consistent increase in levels happened when women were engaged in tasks designed to elicit closeness.



The study says, “Higher levels of progesterone in humans are associated with greater affiliation motivation, deriving satisfaction from positive relationships with others.” The more intimate time we spend with people we trust, the more motivated and supportive we are in life.