Q & A: Kate Winslet on beauty


Beautiful actress Kate Winslet, famed for her natural good looks, shares her views on beauty.


What is your definition of beauty?

My definition of beauty is a woman who can love with her whole self. Without vanity and unconditionally. But in a more conventional sense, my definition of beauty is a woman who doesn’t wear lots of make-up and who can be comfortable in her most natural state, as well as in more glamorous moments.

What is your beauty routine?

My beauty routine in the morning has to be fast, as I am up early to get everyone out of the door for school. So, generally I might wash rapidly with Lancôme’s Mousse Éclat, which makes the skin feel clean immediately. Then I slap on a couple of quick pumps of  Visionnaire and then immediately apply Rénergie Multi-Lift, which has SPF 15. At night, I wash again with Lancôme’s Mousse Éclat, then use Rénergie Multi-lift Redefining Beauty Lotion, which you can get in Asia or have a friend bring back, and then Rénergie Yeux Multi-Lift. Sometimes I will use a small amount of Absolue L’Extrait, which feels like a decadent moment every time I use it.

You have received much press about your weight. What does being a natural beauty mean to you?

I am a healthy weight, and for me that is normal. I don’t need to be less than that. When I started having children, my body settled into itself. And I think that happens for most women when they have kids. So I have stayed the same weight for a while now. I just don’t worry about weight anymore. I think I’ve become something of a role model because I came out and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a normal shape.’ … It’s important for me to stand by the fact that I eat real food and am not on a diet every day.

What makes life more beautiful for you?

The thing that makes life more beautiful to me is my children. They teach me something new every single day, and every day I feel I change because of who they are and the joy in their hearts.

Would you get plastic surgery?

I don’t think I will, because as I get older, I’m becoming more relaxed about body image. My body does not dominate my thoughts.

How do you prepare for a red-carpet event?

Every woman wants to feel beautiful at some time or other, whether in the arms of your love, with your children playing, or on a special occasion. Over the years I have learnt how to relax and enjoy the red carpet experience, which can still be very daunting. And gone are the days when I didn’t have to prepare myself mentally and facially for an event like that. So, even though I don’t drink much, I would avoid alcohol completely for a couple of weeks beforehand. And the same goes for salt; it can make the eyes puffy! I try to get a couple of good resculpting facials. In the US I visit Tracie Martyn and in the UK I have Indiba facials with Glenda Barton, a facialist and beauty therapist of Harley St. And I try to eat a good breakfast, as the ceremonies are often very long and it can be a long wait before you find any food!