Real Living: Become You, Only Better

The real, natural human condition is one of vibrance and vitality, void of neuroses. It is possible to feel human without the crutch of pharmaceuticals, so-called multivitamins and everything else sold to you in the guise of making you feel better.

You need to change from the inside, and there are many simple, cheap and lasting changes you can make.

1. Real food.

The first step of change to become you, only better, is getting off the pills and multivitamins, and starting to eat real food produced by regenerative farmers. What you buy in the supermarkets and in takeaway restaurants is not food. You are being overdosed with sugar and the harmful chemicals used so liberally in conventional agriculture. In my last column I referred to a friend of mine whose recovery from being declared medically unfit to work due to MS to full health has been inspirational to watch. He removed his mercury fillings and started eating real food. The best book you can buy on the subject of food and health is Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price.

 2. Second, get to know your farmer.

None of the readers of this magazine are breatharians, so each one of you chooses your farmer at least three times daily. Farmers are either regenerative or destructive. They either build soil or destroy it. Their food either nourishes or harms you. An additional benefit to knowing your farmer is that you remove the middleman who does immense harm to farmers.

3. Third, cook that real food at home.

Michael Pollan’s latest book, Cooked, is a wondrous read. The most important takeaway from the book is the numerous benefits of cooking a meal at home and enjoying it with your family – nutritional benefits, social benefits, environmental benefits, etc. Before leaping onto the organic train, start by buying and cooking real food. Then when you have understood that organic food is honestly priced (a discussion for another column), you will start enjoying it. Click here to find out more about this. After that, move onto biodynamic food (beyond organic and the subject of another column).

4. Fourth, spend time with animals.

Unlike humans, my experience of animals is that they are fully present. They don’t fret about tomorrow or yesterday. I am blessed enough to have lots of cattle on the farm. The cows are the most placid, and being among them is completely calming. If you cannot be among cows, get your own chickens (they cannot lay and roost in the same place; they need to be moved regularly to avoid a factory farming-like build-up of manure). And if this not feasible, get a dog.

5. Fifth, understand the power of being positive, complimentary and caring.

This is best illustrated by an experiment I encourage you to do at home. We did it recently. Take two plates. In each put cotton wool and whatever seed you can find, ideally some grain. Then wet the cotton wool and, for a period of two weeks, focus love and all things positive on one plate, and hate and all things negative on the other. The plates can be in the same room, but at either end. Observe what happens. For more on this subject, look up the work of Masaru Imoto.

6. Sixth, ditch the television.

The reason TV is the great lobotomizer of our time is simple: television is tell-a-vision – in other words, someone else is telling you their vision, which is why you sit there glued to your screen, unable to continue developing your own. It kills your imagination.

Albert Einstein was explicit about this when he said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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