Reignite Your Sex Life

Libido is a topic often mentioned in jest, however, for many of us it is a more serious matter. This intimate subject can have a deep effect on our relationship as well as our health. Dr Bridget Briggs from California has spent a large portion of her carrier helping people with issues linked to libido and fertility. At the Sexual and Hormonal Health Seminar, hosted by Amipro in South Africa, Briggs explained that libido is not always psychological it’s hormonal; our hormones not only run our physical body, but also influence our emotional state.

The cowgirl sex position


Loss of libido is not just a normal part of aging, it is often an indicator that some hormonal TLC may well be needed. From the age of 35, women may experience changes like weight gain, fatigue and diminished motivation. It’s easy to think low sex drive is a result of dissatisfaction with our looks, but what if the same thing that is changing your body is dampening our passion?

According to Dr Briggs, oestrogen dominance is a 21st century syndrome that is impacting the libido and health of many women and men. Oestrogen dominance is a term that describes how environmental chemicals found in our food, body products and cleaning products can mimic oestrogen and therefore create hormonal disruption, including low libido in women and in men. Dr Briggs explains that the contraceptive pill can also put a dampener on our libido and decrease the blood supply to our lady parts thus increasing vaginal atrophy. For men, we need to look at testosterone levels. Even though we may think testosterone is all about the bedroom, it is also essential in protecting the prostate. For both sexes stress has an impact on our hormonal health; increased stress hormones such as cortisol results in decreased libido. Looking after these hormones not only re-ignites our yearning for our partners, but it protects our health and vitality.

Spices and Herbs

To bring the fire back in the bedroom, Briggs advices cutting out the junk food, clearing the chemicals out of your cupboards and getting great sleep. Supplementation can also be of benefit. Tribulus is a safe herb that improves sexual desire, arousal and orgasm. The herbs ashwaghanda, fenugreek and macuna also help with adrenal balance, calm the mind and build sexual energy.