Rest, Relax and Give Yourself A Chance To Reboot

Rest, unfortunately, is something that too many of us consider a luxury nowadays. I speak to people about and many of them can’t help but feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing. It seems we are expected to just go, go, go at full speed day in and day out. This isn’t any kind of way to live.

I am don’t think you should do nothing all the time. However, I think it’s crucial to stop for a moment in your life to rest and recuperate. Especially since we’re getting closer to the end of the year. This rest could do wonders for your day-to-day life.

You will be able to recharge your ability to deal with your commitments, your relationships, and your overall health. Not only this, but you’ll have so much more energy and enthusiasm to continue with daily tasks. It’s a self-investment that will make your life a lot better to live.

Rest Now And Feel Stronger Later

So many of us are 100% guilty of going non-stop. We push ourselves to the utmost brink of crashing and burning. How on earth do we think this is in any way sustainable? If you do this you will burn out. What we keep forgetting is how closely our minds and bodies are [longevity live]

We all seem to know that sleep and rest are vital to our wellbeing. Yet, we find it so difficult to stop everything and go for a nap. Did you know that you can absorb more information if you sleep more? I bet you also didn’t realize that taking rest days, away from exercise can actually make you leaner and stronger! By making these rest periods a priority, you are putting your body first. It will thank you for it if you do it enough. Nobody wants to end up with the typical ‘skinny fat’ corporate figure that is created by high stress and cortisol levels.

You are welcome to attempt being superman or superwoman. However, I wish you luck on this one! If you keep pushing yourself beyond what is healthy, you are most likely going to experience its effects physically. Who is familiar with a tense neck, shoulders, and back? I bet most of you. Another symptom is experiencing indigestion, acid reflux, gas, and bloat. Not to mention what happens to the state of your hormones. Your cortisol and adrenalin levels will skyrocket through your bloodstream, causing your body adrenal exhaustion and hormonal imbalances which can lead to weight gain, depression, estrogen dominance, insulin resistance, chronic fatigue, and even fertility issues. And as I am sure you can already foresee, you will very quickly speed up the aging process.

Stop Your To-Do List

The scary thing is that this constant state of stress, or ‘I have to do this’ becomes addictive. Even though we might be highly stressed out, we will still continue to pile on more stress. And we do this by choice! Jokes aside. I know I am guilty of this sometimes. I mean, you’ll keep telling yourself the whole day that you have to run for an hour this evening. Or you have to increase your intensity at the gym later and then still go visit a [longevity live]

Since when did your life become this crazy checklist? A stressful to-do list without anything to do with yourself. This will only result in negative emotions and will drain you emotionally leaving you feeling stressed, tired, mentally slow and physically vulnerable. Being out of touch with yourself and your own life is almost detrimental.

Celebrity Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder says that our society puts too much emphasis on constant ‘doing’, without recognizing that in the recharging space you can come back to work, duties, and relationships in a more productive, enhanced way. She says whether you are a mom, a college kid or trying to make your way in the world, you may come to a time when you just push and push and push and then leave yourself stressed out and incapable of being the best you can be.

If you’ve hit this point then take my words, stop and rest!

Stop, Relax, And Reboot

It might be near the end of the year, but that’s not the only reason you need to rest. It has much more to do with the fact that your body, just plain and simple, needs to rest. You should actually take the time to reboot daily if you can.

Here are some amazing ways to help you de-stress.

1. Go For A Walk

If you can try taking a stroll somewhere outdoors. However, any walk will help you to refresh your mind.

2. Breathe In And Out

It doesn’t matter where you are right now. You can do this anywhere. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, in your car or at home, just breathe slowly and deeply.

3. Grab  A Healthy Snackrest [longevity live]

There’s nothing wrong with having a little snack to boost your energy levels for the day. In fact, it can even increase your happy hormones and make you a whole lot more productive.  Take five minutes to break and snack on a yogurt, some fruit or a handful of nuts.

4. Step Away From Your Screen

By taking a few moments to simply walk away from any kind of screen is de-stressing enough, trust me!

5. Listen To Some Good Music

Believe it or not, but music can make such a big difference in your mood and attitude. Go ahead and play some softly while you work or well you finish chores at your house. Perhaps, even grab a pair of headphones.

6. Spend Time With Friends

Taking time out and relaxing with friends can do absolute wonders. It will definitely lift your spirits. And you know what they say, laughter is the best kind of medicine.

7. Put Your Phone Away

I know this seems hard to do. But, if you just turn your phone off, even for an hour and stop checking emails, text messages and social media you will literally feel calmer.

8. Snack On A Banana Or A Potato

This one seems weird, but it’s true! Both these foods contain large amounts of Potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure. Experts say that this tends to rise during times of stress.

It is okay if you wake up on certain days and think ‘today is a day I need to give my body a rest.’ Your body naturally knows when it’s time to balance and it will let you know what it needs! You need to be okay with listening to your body. It’s a lot smarter than you think.

Smoothies sound like a weird suggestion when you’re heading into winter. Winter is actually the best time to make smoothies.