Shalom Blac, Beauty Vlogger, Shares The Power Of Positivity

Shalom Blac hopes to inspire and encourage everybody to ‘be your own kind of beautiful.’ We are inspired by her ability to embrace the beauty from inside. Her efforts to help other women achieve self-love has made her the ultimate #WomanBoss.

She uses her tragic life story to challenge old beauty standards and promote new ‘rules of beauty.’ And that means no rules at all because it stems from within you. Shalom Blac encourages women to embrace their unique beauty while teaching women how to feel more confident with and without makeup. And because she is a burn victim, who has dealt with scars her whole life, she has learned how to love herself from the inside out.

Now, we can also learn to find the strength within ourselves through her empowering skills as a makeup artist.

Shalom Blac has helped millions of women regain a positive body image.

Shalom Blac Has A Life-Changing Story

This successful Makeup Youtuber began her Shalom Blac | Longevity LIVEjourney in Nigeria. Shalom Blac and her younger sister were napping under a table at their mother’s restaurant in Nigeria. Her mom, unaware of the sleeping girls below, placed a pot of hot oil on the table. Someone accidentally knocked the pot over, scalding the sisters.

This changed her life forever, as she was picked on and bullied throughout most of her life. She continued to believe that things would improve, especially after moving to the United States. However, she says that it only worsened, so much so that she even contemplated suicide. Shalom Blac explains that it was such an emotionally painful time. She would doubt who she was and ask herself questions like: Why me? Why did this have to happen to me? Why am I still alive?

Shalom Blac truly believes that there is always positivity hidden beneath the negativity. Furthermore, she shares that her presence on YouTube and watching other beauty stories changed things for her. She says that most of these people she watched have never allowed their tragedies to control their lives. Their desire to keep living their lives has inspired her to start finding inner love. She continues to rise above a very dark time in her life and wants to help other people experience it too.

Burn Survivor Turns Into Beauty Inspiration

Shalom Blac is now aged 21 and it is her mission to help others feel better and more confident. She makes every effort to promote positive messages which help others learn to embrace every unique scar and mark. Her makeup tutorials are not only impressive but empowering too.

Blac is an inspiration to the rest of the world, particularly after realizing that she looks more beautiful without makeup. Blac says, of course, she loves the way she looks when she puts makeup on, but it doesn’t remove her scars, it just makes them less noticeable.

Shalom Blac | Longevity LIVE

Going through a difficult time like this, gave Shalom Blac a whole new perspective on how she views people. In other words, it teaches you to be more accepting of people’s differences.  More importantly, how she views herself and that you should never have to pretend to be somebody else.

Blac says that reading comments can be hard. Sometimes they force her to go back to the dark parts of her life. However, she explains that she tries to get offline as soon as possible to avoid reading the posted comments entirely.

What strikes our hearts the most is that she didn’t choose the life she got handed. It just happened and was out of her control. She says that it could happen to even the best of us, but would never wish it on anyone. Most of the time, we are extremely hard on ourselves and only see the flaws. However, if we do this, we only hold ourselves back and drain our bodies emotionally. And this is exactly what ages you physically.

The Shalom Blac Community

Our inspiring beauty vlogger has an incredible YouTube channel, which she keeps alive no matter how many negative comments she receives. Her video topics can range from how to cover up acne and burn scars to Rihanna-inspired makeup. She even shares the heartbreaking story of sustaining her burns. She has changed millions of women’s lives Shalom Blac | Longevity LIVEthrough her videos because being beautiful in 2018 means finding the love within yourself and then showing that love to others. We motivate the world to come together with Shalom Blac to celebrate her scars or theirs and not be ashamed of it.

According to Blac, ‘the facade of flawlessness’ is what frustrates her the most about the impossible beauty standards that the media feeds us. She also adds that in magazines and on TV, you see [people] with a flawless face. However, what we all keep forgetting is that they have makeup perfectly layered on their faces. However, I think those [ideals] are changing. We’re seeing a lot more diversity now. Shalom never thought she’d be in a magazine and has been now! So I definitely think things are changing and what seems beautiful is completely based on one’s perception. And I think people are starting to realize that.

This courageous beauty vlogger has 596,000 Instagram followers and a highly successful makeup-driven YouTube channel. However, her rise to fame was difficult and she has had to learn to overcome her insecurities by motivating others. Shalom continues to promote her own beauty movement which showcases the power of makeup while inspiring others to feel comfortable in their own skin. Role models such as these help us learn to accept both ourselves and others, but also to teach us the power of valuing our own bodies in the long-term.

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