Sharon Stone Launches Proof in Real Life Campaign

The invitation from Galderma, an international dermatology company that innovates skin disease solutions, and aesthetic and corrective products, was an intriguing one: Come to Berlin and discover the Proof in Real Life. Sharon Stone, who was recently gave her celebrity backing to Galderma’s Restylane campaign, would be the host. “Many people are interested in aesthetic treatments but some are put off because they only see one side of the story – the images in magazines of extreme looks and altered facial features.”

Stone adds: “Actually, people these days want more subtle enhancements so that they look like healthier versions of themselves, just taking a few years or refreshing their appearance.” She herself has had a history with Restylane fillers and knows first hand what a skilled aesthetic doctor with a handful of filler injections can do.

In 2001, Stone had a stroke that bled into her brain for 9 days. She was partially paralysed and left with a speech impediment. Though rehabilitation, hard work and medical assistance that took over two years, the actress survived her ordeal, what she had described as a humbling journey. It was this experience that open her eyes to aging and the honour that she still could – as gracefully as she could.

“After my stroke, I used Restylane fillers to help rebuild the damage done in my face. It helped me heal physically but also psychologically, as it felt like I looked like myself again.” It is this message of you – only better – that she wants to share in the new global campaign.

Which how, I found myself at the global event held in Berlin last night, holding my phone up like a groupie photographing Ms Stone as she walked the red carpet. She is gracious in real life, a highly intelligent woman, activist, humanitarian and mother. And, was the perfect host for last night’s event.

Having welcomed us (an elite group of international media and invited guests) and introduced her co-host Dr Per Van Heden (associate professor in plastic surgery at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and the head of plastic surgery, Akademikliniken in Sweden and the UK), Ms Stone went onto reveal the true stars of the night: 10 sets of identical twins – one of which had been treated with fillers and skin boosters, the other not.

The study is an interesting one: The twins were all recruited through a twin modelling agency. It was the twin who was more reticent to aesthetic treatments that was the chosen one to having the treatments done. Each set of twin was exposed to similar environmental factors and still live close to each other. When interviewed, the twins all had similar stories to tell. They knew very little about aesthetic treatments, such as fillers and skin boosters and needed to be fully educated as to what to expect. They all had the image of that one treatment gone bad, and were concerned that would happen. They were unsure whether they would look plastic or overdone. However, they are all pleased with the outcome (and the twin, who didn’t have treatments done, have all chosen to now have their own treatments).

Kelly (left) and Stacey
Kelly (left) and Stacey

Kelly and her sister Stacey are 38 years old – blonde and beautiful. They are active and enjoy dancing and riding horses in their spare time. Kelly received a course of three Restylane skin boosters treatments to her face and neck. The skin boosters aim to do just that, injected just under the skin, they improve the quality and appearance of your skin, giving you a more radiant and youthful glow. Kelly had one treatment of fillers to give her volume around her lips and chin, and in her one check to make her face more symmetrical. “I was a little scared,” she says. But adds that she is now converted as is her sister Stacey. The interesting fact is that both women live very similar lives, even down to the facials they do on a regular basis, the skin care products they use and their skin care regime. Stacey, who says she now looks noticeably like the older sister, cannot wait for her appointment to see what is recommended for her. The proof, as they say, really is in real life.