Sunrise Yoga On The Beach At SALT

It’s the first day of my travel on the good, luxury hotel experience at SALT of Palmar in Mauritius. After a restful night’s sleep to the gentle sounds of the Indian Ocean in my ears, I’ve headed off to a yoga class by the deck on the beach.

The environment is perfect. With the beach, literally a footstep away from the pool deck, we joined our Yoga teacher Dass for an early sunrise Hatha class. Anyone can do yoga. This is the beauty of the practice. Even if you have never tried it before and there are some guests today who have not had any experience until now. Everyone gets to be included at their own pace. We did sun salutations as the sun rose and stretched our hands to the ocean, welcoming back the energy of the sea into our heart chakras.

Yoga awakens the senses

Yoga on the beach is the perfect start to any day. It opens up your mind and body to a positive flow. It really helps that our yogi Dass is a knowledgeable and considerate yoga teacher, enabling those along who need it and even those who don’t.

Feeling invigorated from the exercise and fresh early morning air, breakfast was next up.

Now, this is where SALT of Palmar sets itself completely apart from other hotels in Mauritius. The choices of food are wide and most importantly are mindful of the many clean eaters out there. So if you are gluten intolerant, or on a Paleo, or Keto diet, or even if you are just a vegetarian, or not any of these, there is something for everyone.

Farming it not flying it

Every SALT has its own farm, using permaculture practices and hydroponics to yield diverse crops. As Raj, the General Manager of the hotel explained, “We get our hands dirty to keep our food clean. Each of the farms has their own vegetarian restaurant. What can be done with vegetables – super fresh, seasonal vegetables – is wondrous. It has become the heart of our food philosophy. Simplicity is an ingredients.”

Not only is the food organically grown and sourced, but SALT bakes its own bread out of special organically grown fair trade flour.

Enough to get anyone excited about breakfast, right?  I watched as the staff kneaded the dough and prepared it fully before popping it in the oven. I can’t wait to see, or should I say eat, the end result.


SALT believes in no buffets and no waste that isn’t composted or animal feed. Clean plates and consciences. Simple menus with daily specials based on their farm’s harvest and fisherman’s catch. The menu is prepared accordingly with each season. Proteins are local, and what SALT can’t grow on their farm they source sustainably. Eggs are actually sourced from a free-range neighbor. And suppliers are family.

The Kombucha story at the SALT is also unique. The hotel brews its own Kombucha on site. I went into the kitchen to check on this for myself and saw no less than 12 different Kombucha pots all with different brewing recipes.

Anyone for coffee?

The coffee is locally grown and indeed the Lux Group owners of SALT boast their very own coffee roaster on the island. I gazed at all the delicious and healthy food choices and felt I needed an entire day to sit and try them all. But of course, that is not going to happen, because I have so many other exciting things I want to do.

I opted for some Chia seed porridge and fruit, but also tasted some of my traveling companions’ breakfast choices. All I can say is, if you love healthy food, you will never go hungry here.  And if you want to eat plain eggs on toast, you will also not miss out. I drank some Kombucha with my meal and decided my next stop would be the SALT spa.

Beach therapy


I checked in on my SALT app and booked a spot. However, before I head to the spa, I will take some time in the beautiful morning Mauritian sun to catch some vitamin D rays and digest my meal. After all, who can resist some down time at an island resort? And sitting on this beach is therapy after all.

Catch you later at the spa?

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