Why Maria Sharapova Uses Supergoop To Prevent Skin Cancer

‘Skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers,’ says Holly Thaggard, Supergoop Founder and CEO. Supergoop is determined to promote skin protection as an essential healthy habit and Maria Sharapova is helping them.

There are more new cases of skin cancer ever year than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer combined. Most people apply sunscreen for a big day in the sun. However, they forget the importance of applying it everyday. It is this exposure to UV rays throughout your lifetime that creates the skin damage that leads to skin cancer.

Supergoop: What Is It And Who Started It?

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States. And more than 90% of the signs of aging are caused by the sun, according to Holly E. Thaggard. Supergoop, a prestige skincare brand, originally started out as no more than an initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of the sun and how it ages you.

Today, Supergoop has developed a broad spectrum sunscreen which helps Supergoop | Longevity LIVEprotect skin from UVA rays.  It also provides the SPF necessary to prevent damage caused by UVB sunburn rays. Many studies are now showing that antioxidants neutralize and deliver a second line of defense against photo damage and accelerated skin aging. Supergoop products improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and hyper-pigmentation. This is done by the antioxidants neutralizing free radicals and stimulating collagen production.

Traditional sunscreens are not exactly the nicest or most comfortable of creams to wear. Particularly when you are sweating, because you have been active. Therefore, Supergoop strives to provide products that you and your family actually want to put on. It is extremely lightweight, easy to apply and does not clump or run down your face. It is also  free from any controversial ingredients.Supergoop | Longevity LIVE

So Where Does Maria Sharapova Fit In?

The tennis superstar has been a fan of the Supergoop products for her entire tennis career. She discovered the brand at Sephora.

Maria says that she loves the formula because it is the only sunscreen that doesn’t sting her eyes on the court. Especially under the hot sun and in scorching temperatures. Maria says that it’s also long lasting, and provides UV protection for up to 90 minutes. Since Maria is such a huge supporter of Supergoop’s values, from their cruelty-free practices to their anti-aging philosophies, she and Holly decided that it would be the perfect partnership. Maria is now the co-owner of Supergoop.

The Co-Owner’s Are Launching A New Campaign.

Maria and Holly are now launching a new campaign called, Project Black Dot which aims to educate consumers on skin cancer and the benefits of wearing sunscreen daily. The first part of the project is called, Project 1: Permission.

Sharapova is aiming to draw attention to current regulations on sunscreen in schools. This is an initiative that will place the power into the hands of both the schools and the parents. This is being done by providing sunscreen permission slips at schools which gives children the ability to use and apply sunscreen at school. The goal of the project is to obtain 100,000 signed permission slips.

Supergoop | Longevity LIVE This Supergoop project shines a light on the lack of sunscreen regulations in schools. And raises awareness for the importance of childhood protection. Research has shown that sunburn in childhood increases the risk of skin cancer in later years. The difficulty is that the FDA regulates sunscreen as an over-the-counter drug. As a result, 47 states currently restrict public school children from openly carrying and applying sunscreen at school without a signed permission slip. Holly and Maria at Supergoop are encouraging parents to sign their children’s permission slips and sunscreen use in school.

Maria spends hours in the sun. Growing up at the tennis academy, sunscreen application was a necessity before stepping onto the court. She assumed this healthy habit was one that most children in the US were exposed to.  But through her involvement with Supergoop, she is learning that this is not the case. Children experience nearly three times more UV exposure than adults. Yet, we are not supplying them with what they need to protect their skin at school. This project aims to promote skincare practices to everybody and encourages parents to teach their children from a young age.

What Are Maria’s Favourite Skincare Ingredients For Neutralizing Supergoop | Longevity LIVE UV Damage And Skin Aging?

Maria recommends Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. The tennis pro says that Sea Buckthorn is rich in antioxidants like Omega-7 fatty acids. These antioxidants heal sunburn, cuts, wounds and other types of skin damage. Maria also tells us that Vitamins B5 and E ‘help the skin to combat free radicals which slow down signs of photo-aging like premature lines and wrinkles.’

What Do Maria And Holly Recommend For Sunscreen Application?

The co-owners say that you should always choose an SPF50. The reason being because most of us do not apply nearly as much sunscreen as we are meant to. Therefore, the sunscreen ends up providing you with only an SPF30 or 40. It is crucial that you apply the correct amount of sunscreen onto your face, every day. Just remember to reapply every 2 hours, as it wears off throughout the day.

When Should You Start Applying Sunscreen?

Both Maria and Holly recommend that you begin applying sunscreen as early as possible. It is important to encourage your children to apply sunscreen as part of their daily regimen, rather than applying it for them. This way, children will cultivate a good habit out of it and it will become second nature to them.

A Personal Skincare Tip

Always keep hydrated and drink lots of water. You can never have enough! It is just as important as looking after your skin.

Maria and Holly will be expanding Supergoop into South East Asia. Hot and sunny climates will be seeing the brand more, as sunscreen is crucial in these areas. Supergoop tells us that they are looking to share more multi-functional products and newer formulations that not only protect the skin, but also contain healing and moisturising properties.

It is time to incorporate sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine.


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