Treasure Your Twenties Because They’re Not Forever

Treasure these years. You are young and full of energy. Your twenties are the years where you are able to find out who you are. You will also discover your passions. I think it’s very easy to get caught up in the stress of it all, but don’t let the chaos consume you, because you won’t be twenty-something forever. Let the adventurous years of your twenties remain with you for a lifetime.

I’ll admit that being in your twenties is a very weird phase. It’s a crazy rollercoaster of emotions and confusion. The trick is to be okay with that and to accept that it’s your time to learn.

Do you get frustrated with yourself a lot? There really is no point because you’re at that stage where you’re about to shine. You might be starting a new job, getting your first promotion, meeting new friends, or even losing old ones. Things keep changing, but that’s okay.

Try to tell yourself not to be afraid of these changes and don’t doubt yourself. I think we tend to start overanalysing and begin to think everything we’re doing is a mistake. It’s normal for things to feel chaotic and out of place. You’re not falling apart. Remember that Rome was not built in a day!

Treasure Every Moment

Reading that line out aloud does sound a bit corny.
However, I do believe that there is some real truth in that statement. We’re trying to get our lives together so we can put our feet up when we’re older. This is stressful. How are we meant to enjoy every moment, when most moments are filled with bills we cannot pay for and unexpected responsibilities?
It’s completely overwhelming sometimes.treasure [longevity live]
Everything around you is changing, but luckily there are a few tips you can use to help you reset. All you need to do is shift your focus to feel happier. There’s a reason why people keep telling you that your twenties are the best years of your life. In fact, there’s more than one reason too and it’s all these exciting things that you’ll want to remember. Try your best to concentrate on the progress you’re making and the new things you’re learning, instead of every mistake you think you’ve made. 
Lastly, you don’t have to know exactly what you want right now. But, if you are certain about what you DON’T want then that’s just as good. Learn to say no to things that don’t feel right, explore your talents and your preferences. Better yet, keep pursuing your hobbies and find ways that can make you happy on your own.
To truly find yourself, you need to love yourself right till the end. This includes every part of you – the good and the bad. 

Here’s What To Do

The most common thing to do is get yourself a solid job right after studying. That’s great if that direction works for you. It’s definitely the safer option. But, life isn’t just about being comfortable, is it? So many young people do this and then they feel stuck.

“Is this really all there is to my life?” they ask themselves.

Trust me, you should take care of yourself first. You should know better than that. Try not to lose sight of what’s important to you. Before you do anything, learn to embrace creativity and innovation within yourself before settling. Don’t allow money to become the only reason you’re keeping a job. That’s a one-way ticket to disaster. Rather be willing to take risks because you twenties may be the only time you can do this – often because you don’t share those risks with a family of your own. You’re free to follow your own mind.

Take Time To Learn

This is your opportunity to slow things down, not speed them up. If you’d like to explore new things and places then take this precious time.

We often think that school and college are the only years we get to learn. That’s not true, because after that comes so much more to learn. This is the time for you to learn something which will stay with you forever. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be learning a new sport, travelling, playing a new instrument or how to dance.

Get outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with new skills. These will stay with you forever and will allow you to boost your self-esteem during later phases of your life.treasure [longevity live]

Run After Your Dreams

Don’t have a clear passion? Then that’s all the more reason to get out there and find one! Do it now, before it’s too late. You don’t want to wake up when you’re older feeling lost as if you’ve never done what you’re supposed to do. Remember, the key to life is to live with purpose and not pleasure.

Your dreams are what serve a purpose in life. Treasure these, because they give you something to live and work for. want to live for. Never allow the only dreams you have to be the ones you experience when you sleep.

Move Your Body

This is the time to look after yourself. If you desperately want to achieve those perfect abs then do it now. If you are fit, your skin will glow and what else do people want?

This is also a time where temptations and cravings can be strong. It’s the best time to get a grip on this! Avoid eating junk food and find out what your body needs to stop unhealthy cravings. If you are healthy now, then you will experience the ageing process gracefully. You might even be able to maintain your healthy schedule throughout the rest of your life.treasure [longevity live]

Explore More

You need to travel! It will allow you to see the world from different perspectives.

You can choose whether or not you travel with friends or alone. However, you must treasure the beauty of exploring new countries in your twenties. At this age, you should be at your fittest so you can explore your options regarding the career as well.

In addition, it’s also amazing for networking because you will get to meet lots of new people while you travel. You will also see how it can be to live differently. Maybe even get some new ideas about other ways to live your life. Be open-minded to try out new things and live differently,

Keep Your Friends Close

Take this time to really connect to people on a deeper level. Take your friendships seriously and make them work. Real friendships do last a lifetime.

It means investing in those friends even when times are hard – like your twenties. Treasure your friends and spend time socialising because finding friends when you’re older is more difficult. Besides, you will always need a friend to laugh with or keep you motivated when life gets tough.treasure [longevity live]

Do Something Differently

It doesn’t necessarily have to something huge. You just need to get yourself doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. Perhaps take time to do some voluntary work or plan time to help out with an NGO. You can work for a cause because the world is filled with terrible conditions and horrible human beings – and you can help to make that better.

Keep yourself clued up on what’s happening around you. Stay smart. Try out things that create an impact in making the world a little bit better. If you don’t, then who else will? You can make anything happen and every bit of change starts with you.

Lastly, doing this kind of thing is so rewarding and can make you feel really good about yourself.

Get Rid Of Toxic People

No matter what happens there will always be those bitter people who will try to drag you down. Ignore them and get on with it. Treasure these times when you have to move on,

There should be no space for these people in your life. Stay out of their reach, quickly. In addition, you should know yourself and your worth and that they’re not worth any tears. You’ve got so much coming your way and with time you will forget and move on. Staying in an unhappy relationship is just a waste of time.

The most important thing that you take away from this article is to take life with a pinch of salt. Don’t get bogged down by the chaos and messiness of your twenties. Instead, treasure these years and learn to find yourself. Explore and grow.

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