Vanity Helps Longevity: Me-Time Is Time Well Spent

You know all that time you take to make sure your hair looks really good? (And it does!) Turns out, that’s time well spent – because you can get that time back in the form of more years added onto your life.

Studies show that those who take time to look a little younger, live a little longer, says a report in Perspectives on Psychological Science, “The influence of Age-Related Cues on Health and Longevity.”

I know I always feel as if I have a little extra skip in my step after a good haircut. Now I know that I’m not imagining this result.

Here’s the scoop:

Women who think they look younger after having their hair colored and/or cut had a decrease in blood pressure, while they were also rated by others as younger-looking in photos (although their hair was cropped out of the photo to eliminate that clue). Basically, researchers believe that what you see youth-wise is what you get health-wise. External clues like youthful hair can affect how you age by influencing your health and life span.

There’s something about looking your best that just does it for your confidence – you walk a little taller, smile a little brighter, and feel like the world is at your feet. While we all enjoy those days where you can lounge around in pajamas until noon, when you do leave the house and face the world, you should always be feeling your absolute best.

Bottom line on vanity time:

You now have lots of good excuses to treat yourself to that chic new hairstyle. In fact, your life just may depend on it!

Who is the author?

time | Longevity LIVEWe received this excerpt from the new longevity book by Karen Salmansohn, called Life is Long. Karen is a happiness and wellness expert, who is the author of numerous best-selling self-improvement books like Think Happy and How to Be Happy, Dammit, with more than one million copies sold. She has studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher at Ishta Yoga and designed a line of inspirational jewelry showcased on HSN. She is also the founder of 2 popular sites which help people to become their highest potential: and Karen’s been featured on various media channels – including CNN and Fox News,  served as a columnist for, Huffington Post and others, and been featured in print media from New York Times to ELLE Magazine. She lives in New York, New York.

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