Why You Should Visit The Placecol Skincare Clinic – Review

If you are looking for a skincare brand that you can rely on, Placecol really does hit the nail on the head. The brand was launched in 1980 by Elma Mckenzie, a beauty legend in South Africa. Today, their skincare ranges are used in a number of spas, and highly acknowledged for their premium quality.

But in order to get the full Placecol experience, you really need to check out their skincare clinics; which is precisely what I did.

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Decisions, decisions…

With such a variety of appealing treatments on offer, it’s difficult to always make a decision. The good news is, their prices are competitive and are regularly having specials.

I chose to go with two treatments that would really give me instant results if they worked:

Placecol Moisture Hold Facial Treatment

What It Says It Does:

An intense moisturising treatment that combines Soft Laser® with a Rejuvenating Cocoa Mask to provide long-lasting hydration, restoring moisture and suppleness to dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

What Was My Experience Like: 

I must say, the one thing I love when going for any treatment, is being completely spoiled and being given the time of day, and this facial really delivered in that way.

There were exactly nine products used, including: 

  1. Pre-Cleanser
  2. Clean Start Fashion Wash
  3. Enzyme Exfoliator (Used for hyper-pigmentation and enzyme activity)
  4. Massage Cream
  5. Clarity Matt Mist ( A great product for inflammation and congestion)
  6. Matt Radiance Day (This is perfect for balancing skin moisture, texture and shine)
  7. Revitalising Eye Cream
  8. Vitamin C Radiance Therapy
  9. Rejuvenating Cocoa Mask


Placecol | Longevity Live
Placecol Skincare Clinic

What Really Stood Out For Me?

  • At no point was I left unattended
    On a whole, it’s an beautiful experience. Even whilst the mask was setting, the therapist made an effort to massage my neck and head. Because of this, not only did I leave feeling refreshed, but also revitalised.
  • I didn’t feel greasy afterwards 
    Even if I suffer from dry skin (especially in winter). It is still a combination skin, and this was taken into account before the facial. Usually with moisturising facials I leave feeling oily and breakout within a few days. This was not a problem in this case.
  • The effects were long lasting 
    Immediately after the treatment, I felt extremely refreshed and hydrated. What they advertised truly did deliver. However, what I loved the most is the fact that it didn’t go away after my first shower. The hydrating effects lasted for about two weeks.

Placecol | Longevity Live

Placecol Neck and Back Massage

This treatment really is the perfect lunch time escape, especially if you keep tension in shoulders and neck.

What I Liked:

  • Perfect for when you’re on the goplacecol | Longevity Live
    This is not a lengthly massage. Though those are fantastic, you may not always have the time for them, and sometimes still need a bit of relief from muscle tension. Especially if it’s a trigger for headaches and migraines.
  • Long enough to give you a chance to doze off 
    Don’t be mistaken, even if it’s not a very time consuming massage, you still have every opportunity to completely sink your eyelids a bit. Lightening, temperature, music, aromatherapy and your absolute comfort are taken into full account to give you a very relaxing experience.
  • You have full say in what you want 
    I like my massages to be quite strong. I am much happier for the therapist to get right into the knots and sort them out. And she was quite happy to oblige, but if you prefer something a little more relaxing, it really is your choice!