WCHA 2015: Get To Know Wellness Expert Dr Anushka Reddy

This year’s World Congress on Healthy Aging (WCHA 2015) is being held right here on South African soil, in Sandton,  next month.

According to Time magazine: “we live in extraordinary times. And thanks to medical and scientific advances that even a generation ago would have sounded like science fiction, our lives are getting longer.”

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to listen to the world’s leading aging experts during a series of consumer workshops.

An event not to be missed, with the advantage of paying only for the talks that you wish to attend, this year’s congress promises to be a hard act to follow.

Below we profile one of the health experts, DR ANUSHKA REDDY,  who will be a panelist on  Anti-Ageing : Trends in anti-ageing therapies.

Dr Reddy will by joined by other recognised experts in the field in a discussion on the latest aesthetic treatments

“Everyone wants to live longer, and science is starting to make that happen. But living better will be the real challenge—and opportunity” – Time magazine February 2015


Dr Anuska Reddy
Dr Anuska Reddy

Dr Reddy graduated from Wits University in South Africa in 1997 and has been in the medical profession for 18 years, including 13 years of aesthetic medicine practice. She has  performed over 10 000 cosmetic procedures. Dr Reddy is the owner of Medi-Sculpt Clinic, which focuses on non-surgical cosmetic treatments and minimally invasive procedures. She is also founding member and President of the South African Association of Cosmetic Doctors (SAACD) and is the Scientific Director for Cosmedica, the Cosmetic Medicine Congress of South Africa.

Dr Reddy is the regional trainer for Restylane, Galderma, and is an accredited Allergan BOTOX trainer in South Africa, and is actively involved in teaching and training. She divides her time between her medical practice, teaching and training doctors in aesthetic medicine and presenting lectures at conferences both locally and internationally.

We interviewed Dr Anushka Reddy on how she lives her brand:

I chose to work in the health industry because from the time I remember myself I have always wanted to be a doctor. I had a romantic notion of wearing a white coat and trying to save the world!

My greatest health asset is my mind. I am always trying to jolt my neurons and exercise my brain by taking on different challenges. I feel complacency and mediocrity has no place in my world and the only way I can keep my mind sharp and active is to constantly challenge it with new and exciting things from soduku to building a hotel!

The piece of life changing health advice that I can give others is that a simple, cheap and highly effective way to de-stress the mind and body is to reduce your cortisol levels by meditating for fifteen minutes every day. It de-clutters the mind and allows for more productivity during the work day.

My greatest achievement is that I am blessed to have two healthy, happy and free spirited children who bring an innocent and joyful aspect to my life.

The health lesson that I have learned which personally changed my life is that I am fortunate to have always had my good health. To be healthy adds invaluable quality to life.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be my obsessive mind. I often want to be in control of everything! I need to learn to let go and trust that other people will do things right.

I would like to die quickly and painlessly, like slipping into a coma, while fast asleep!

My motto is: Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

Join Dr Reddy on Sunday 2nd August at this prestigious event:

Topic: Anti-Ageing: Trends in anti-ageing therapies (11:30 – 13:30)

Dr Anushka Reddy joins wellness experts:

Dr Vivien Jandera – Head of Plastic Surgeons Association on invasive therapies

Dr Riekie Smit – Aesthetic doctor and head of Association of Cosmetic Doctors –  on non-invasive therapies

Dr Sly Nedic – GP specialising in hormone therapy, DNA testing and aesthetics, Sandton

Dr David Presbury – Dermatologist (lasers)

Dr Salome Gurgenidze – Registered GP with a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine

Chair:  Gisele Wertheim Aymes – CEO of Longevity

Longevity expert

TO FIND OUT WHICH CONSUMER WORKSHOP IS BEST FOR YOU, GO TO www.wcha2015.com and find all the details to register for the WCHA 2015. It just takes a few clicks from the World Congress on Healthy Aging’s home page.