Winter Weather : Simple Tips for Every Skin Type

The cold months of winter may be a time for staying inside, watching movies and sitting by a roaring fire. However, no matter how much we hide away, it’s pretty hard to stay out of the cold completely! Unfortunately, while it can be hard to stay warm while outside, the cold weather conditions can be pretty tough on your skin too.

Luckily, there are ways that you can guard your skin in the wintertime. It may be easy to take the supple skin of summer for granted. But, keeping your skin moisturized and radiant in the winter months is possible too. All it takes is being aware of your skin type and doing a few little things to keep it happy!

Dealing with Dry Skin

A cold winter can wreak havoc if you’re already struggling with dry skin. Fortunately, there are daily solutions for keeping your skin hydrated even in harsh conditions. When you start your day, make sure to avoid foaming cleansers. Instead, choose cream cleansers so that less moisture is being stripped from your skin. When it comes to having dry skin, moisturizer is the most important of all, so choose a rich moisturizing cream that pulls no punches. Not only will this keep moisture locked in all day, but it will also provide an added boost in cooler temperatures! An well formulated daily use sunscreen, specifically for facial skin, is also important for protecting your skin adequately. At the end of each week, you may even want to opt for a moisturizing face-mask for added hydration.

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Managing Oily Skin

It may seem easier to manage oily skin in the winter months since you have a surplus of oil, known as sebum. However, you’ll need to be careful in pulling excess moisture from your skin as this can leave it feeling more unbalanced. Make sure to use a hydrating cleanser. A cleanser that takes too much moisture out of your skin will only lead to excess oil! It’s also important to add moisture as this will ensure your skin in getting the hydration it needs to feel balanced. While the winter months can be a little smoother for those with oilier skin, it’s still important to ensure your skin habits aren’t drying it out or making it oilier.

Keeping Combination Skin Calm

Combination skin can be difficult to deal with as you have dryness in certain spots and oil in others. Fortunately, the right regime can make a big difference when it comes to getting your skin its much-needed moisture! While you don’t have to worry too much about your cleanser, stick with something that will balance out your skin. It can be cream-based or foaming but ensure your skin feels healthy after. You’ll also want to apply your sunscreen before you moisturize. It’s just important to make sure that you use an intense water-based moisturizer to get through the day. This will effectively hydrate your skin in the spots where it needs it and be absorbed where your skin tends to get oily.

Tips for Good Skin in Winter

Whether your skin type is dry, combination or oily, there are plenty of other ways you can improve its radiance in the winter months. Follow some of these simple tips to add a dose of balance to winter skin!

  • Drink Water – When it’s cold outside, it can be easy to spend time sipping on warm beverages. However, these can easily dehydrate and prevent your body from getting the moisture it needs. Ensure you are drinking water throughout the day as this will help your body stay hydrated, inside and out! So, drink plenty of water!
  • Don’t Forget Sunscreen – It’s easy enough to remember a toque and scarf in winter to stave off cold winds. But, it can be easy to forget that sunscreen is still necessary! The sun might not be out as much, but it can still be damaging to your skin. Instead of risking it, apply a well formulated everyday facial use sunscreen like Skinceuticals sunscreen at the start of each day.
  • Use Natural Skin Care – There are a lot of products out there that can irritate your skin. Many skin treatments are heavy on chemicals and perfumes, which can cause a lot of inflammation. Instead of choosing a top-of-the-line cream, consider products that contain ingredients you can pronounce. It may make the difference in an already tough skin season!
  •  Eat Healthy Foods – In the winter, it’s easy to want to veg out and eat comfort foods. But, this can have a negative impact on your waistline and your skin! By getting your body the nutrients it needs, it will show in your healthy, glowing skin. This means that you should be eating vegetables, fruit and lean proteins everyday. You don’t need to forego all the stuff you love, but staying away from caffeine and alcohol is also a good idea.

When it comes to the winter blues, it can be hard to embrace the season. However, having to deal with dehydrated skin and other unpleasant issues can make it even worse! Fortunately, there are great ways to take care of your skin no matter the type. By eating a healthy diet, drinking water and protecting your skin against wind and sun, you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes. While winter may not be the best time for the skin, you can still keep it looking radiant through the cold.