World Congress on Healthy Aging 2015 in SA



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Internationally Renowned Experts:

A global forum is to be held in South Africa with internationally renowned experts who will address healthy aging in the new millennium, with a specific focus on how they apply to the African region.

Dr Ryan Fuller
Dr Ryan Fuller


The content of the congress was determined by a committee of experts, under the chairmanship of Dr Ryan Fuller, who is also a qualified psychogeriatrician. They have in turn, been advised by an international advisory panel. The congress consists of a scientific programme that will run parallel to a series of caregiver and consumer workshops that address healthy aging issues in a consumer friendly manner.


Dr Bradley Willcox
Dr Bradley Willcox
Dr Sebastiana Kalula
Dr Sebastiana Kalula

Bridging The Aging Divide:

The congress theme Bridging the Aging Divide, “From birth to elder, between developed & developing countries; between public and private sectors; between urban and rural communities; between technological and traditional healthcare and between diverse and creative cultures” is the focus in all subject matter that will be covered. The congress is open to all including medical and healthcare professionals, academics, caregivers, legislators, community service personnel, city planners and people interested in the science of healthy aging. The idea of the conference is to unpack and provide a unique opportunity to initiate a living legacy to transform and improve the lives of older people wherever they may be living in Africa.


Diverse Perspectives:

There will be diverse perspectives showcased by some outstanding speakers. These include Dr Yen Choo, molecular biologist and member of the UK Stem Cell Steering Committee; Prof Suresh Rattan, head of the Laboratory of Cellular Ageing of the Department of Molecular Biology at the Aarhus University in Denmark; and Dr Adesola Ogunniyi, Professor of Medicine at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and associate of the International Longevity Centre for Africa – just to name a few.

Suresh Rattan
Suresh Rattan


The complete programme is available on

Date: 01 August 2015 – 02 August 2015 (Registration 30 July 2015)

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre

Time: Daily at 07:00 – 17:00


Caregiver & consumer workshops

R300 per person for one workshop

R500 per person for two workshops

R800 per person for three workshops


Scientific programme

Delegates – R6 400-00

Registrars, students & practicing nurses – R3 250-00

Non-Governmental Organisations – R5 000-00


For more information on how to secure your seat contact:

+27 11 476 5104