YouTube Stardom Will Be Fun And Stress-Free They Said

YouTube stardom seems like an amazingly fun and exciting job to have. And it can be sometimes. But, just like us, these stars are normal people and they stress too. It seems like nowadays, everybody wants to be a YouTube star. Still think your kids want to be doctors or lawyers? Not anymore. They want YouTube stardom because it’s the number one dream career for young people today.

There was even a widely publicized survey by a British newspaper that stated how millions of young people aspire to make their fortune online. I mean, it’s a pretty enticing idea. Some of these vloggers are making billions of dollars with their channels, and most of them are only in their early 20’s. Whether it’s playing video games, showcasing beauty tips or fitness workouts online. These stars have got their futures set.

Or do they? This is the problem. The career is not always sustainable because the pressure of having to endlessly produce original content often burns them out.

If you want to stay relevant and popular you must consistently post accessible, transparent and authentic content. As a result, many YouTube stars have found this overwhelming. Some of these stars include Essena O’Neill,  Casey Neistat and PewDiePie. All three of these social media personalities went public in their posts about experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. These symptoms were, of course, a direct result of living an overly curated life.

YouTube Stardom Is Relentless

I am going to share with you a personal story about a YouTube star called Jacques Slade. He makes videos about sneakers and technology. Now I bet that seems like a really awesome thing to do with your life, compared to a mundane job at the office. It has its perks for sure. However, Jacques says that because of his obligations to post online to please his 1 million subscribers, he couldn’t even enjoy his beach holiday. It was supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy life.

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He thought he’d take the time to be stress-free. Sadly, even on vacation, this doesn’t come easily. Mainly because as a YouTube star you spend half your time worrying about having no content to post and losing your audience’s interest. You ask yourself questions about what will happen without having any content to post for four or five days. What will that do to me? What’s that gonna do to my income from YouTube? When I come back, are people still going to watch my videos?

Sounds Really Stressful

This is a sad reality that many youngsters are facing in this generation. When you’re on YouTube, the constant relentlessness and uncertainty of being an internet creator can cause huge amounts of pressure. Sure, your life will be interesting. But no matter how exciting a YouTuber’s life seems it requires just as much commitment, if not more, than any ordinary job. More importantly, it requires a massive amount of mental strength, resilience and dedication.

In fact, when you get popular on YouTube, if you don’t post for even just a day or two, it might affect your placement in YouTube rankings. This means that your income from YouTube drops too. You see, having a job that pays you a guaranteed salary gives you the comfort of knowing exactly what you’re getting every time your paycheck comes in. Even freelancers usually know exactly how much they’re charging for work. However, YouTube stardom is much more complicated. Their earnings mostly depend on how many ads are in their videos, how long each one is and how many people are actually watching them.

Switching It Off Is Nearly Impossible

YouTube stardom is a weird thing. I mean you’re putting yourself out there basically earning money by being yourself, right? Well, that’s the issue. You see, these poor people can’t just decide to take a day off and randomly choose to be somebody else for the day. That’s because unlike movie stars or rock stars, vloggers do most of their work themselves. They’re responsible for everything from developing an idea, to physically producing it, to starring in it, to directing it, to editing it, to programming it, to promoting and marketing. Trust me, they have to keep it constant because their audiences are always hungry for more. They need to post at least once or twice per week.

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We see so many of these stars burning out and breaking down. Many have spoken out about pushing through the boundaries of anxiety whilst being on YouTube. Moreover, the mental health pressures they’ve faced and what their work entails. Many have to seek the help of a therapist medication. Dana Julian, a Los Angeles therapist has a number of famous clients. She says one of the hardest things about managing life as a YouTube star is making a career out of something that can be an addiction.

This is because our phones become our dopamine and those clicks and likes and followers make us feel good. Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is familiar with that neurotransmitter rush. So, imagine this with millions of clicks, likes and followers.

A Volatile Environment

Lastly, these stars don’t really know what to expect. Things on Google could change at any given moment which could change algorithms and ultimately how they make money. Their audiences could change or lose interest. In addition, a lot of YouTubers are afraid to take a break to rest their minds and get their mental health up because they run the risk of not earning anything. However, your mental health is more important than anything else and if you need to take the time to rest and heal. Do it.

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There are a few YouTube stars who proactively take this time because it is more important to them than posting online and earning money for a while. Luckily, YouTube is making some new changes where it’s allowing more aspiring YouTubers to sell and market other goods on the platform to create additional revenue streams.

However, I believe that if you’re trying to go this route you need to consider what it entails. You need to be mentally strong and prepared. More importantly, to establish a concrete strategy and backup plans for when you do need that very important time to heal and rest.

Your mental health is everything. Remember, if you stop, then everything stops.

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