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After reading Michael Pollans’ “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” I decided to become a farmer. Inspired by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in Virginia, USA, on our farm outside Stellenbosch, South Africa, we apply BioDynamic agricultural principles and practices in raising cattle, laying hens, vegetables and vines.
The 126 hectares of irrigated pasture form the foundation on which our operation rests. We plant a diversity of perennial summer and winter legumes, herbs and grasses each of which brings different nutrition to the animals eating them as well as beneficial relationships with the soil microbes.

Our pasture management is based on the high density grazing methodology, espoused by Andre Voison, Allan Savory and Ian Mitchell-Innes. This simple principle of a lot of animals in a small space for a short period of time deposits enormous amounts of manure and urine on the land and leads to healthy, vigorous growth achieved without applying any artificial fertilizer (NPK) to the land. We move our cattle twice daily and the laying hens, accommodated in our “Eggmobiles”, every day.

The vineyards are in their final year of conversion to organic status. To be followed by conversion to biodynamic status with the ultimate goal being the production of biodynamic Spier Estate wines. We plan to have Demeter certified grapes in early 2015.

Our client base in almost entirely local restaurants. Our produce is also available in a growing handful of retailers on my website" To find out where our produce is available, click on BUY MEAT at the top of the page. We also have real food safaris (farm tours) by arrangement and would be very happy to show you around.

carcinogen Parkinson's

The best health advice I ever got was from Kurt Amman, who started Rosendal Vinegar in Stellenbosch. He said you should always aim to put the highest-quality ingredients that you can afford into your body. The best book on this enormous, polarizing, complex and emotional subject is Nutrition and Physical

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There is a plant that can be harnessed to address many of the problems we face in this country: nutrition, employment and environmental damage, for starters. It can be used to make rope, clothes, food, paper, textiles, plastics, insulation and biofuel. This plant is called hemp, and it is banned

You can be an active, conscious participant in healing the earth by not being a vegetarian. It is a fallacy to think that the vegetarian lifestyle is the best for you and for the planet. Eating beef is good for you and for the planet. This is the point at

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Agriculture, in the words of regenerative farming pioneer Alan Savory, is the worst thing we have. We lose 20 times more topsoil, which is the single most important thing in this world, than kilograms of food we produce. We have equal amounts of people dying of obesity and starvation, and

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Of all the questions asked of me when people come for a real food safari (farm tour) on our farm, Spier, in Stellenbosch, this is the most common. Is it possible for organic agriculture to feed the world? The answer is very simple: yes. Not only can organic agriculture feed

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The single greatest thing you can do for your health is avoid maize. Inflammation is at the heart of almost all health problems, and nothing gets that process going as much as maize. In addition, almost all (83%) of the maize and its derivatives in this country contain the carcinogen

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The biggest polluter in the world is agriculture. Every time you eat, you choose your farmer. Your farmer is practicing either regenerative or destructive methods, and you give them permission to farm in the way they deem best. If you want to have a 2018 free from toxin, here are

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May you live by the motto “We are all farmers by proxy”, meaning that each time you eat, you choose your farmer and therefore your impact on the earth. For this post I would like to share a fascinating discussion I had with a friend recently, on sugar. We were not

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The real, natural human condition is one of vibrance and vitality, void of neuroses. It is possible to feel human without the crutch of pharmaceuticals, so-called multivitamins and everything else sold to you in the guise of making you feel better. You need to change from the inside, and there

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Of all the products we produce on our farm in Stellenbosch, the most popular is our bone broth. I ascribe this to the fact that it’s the most nutritious. There is also a growing awareness that this ancient elixir is medicine. What are the benefits of bone broth? Bone broth