Daniel Scheffler


Daniel is a writer who spends his time between the soothing Cape Town and the galvanizing New York.

After a number of years killing himself in Paris, LA, London and Cape Town in management consulting, he now concentrates on writing about life and culture.

He currently writes for various titles across the globe including the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ and South China Morning Post.

Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler

yoga | Longevity LIVE

This desire to visit India wasn’t terribly original for me. I had watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love and read the book (twice). There is a scene where Julia Roberts’ character says to her friend (and I paraphrase): “I used to have a hunger for my life. And it’s just gone.” It

health myths

We’re bombarded with so much information today about what’s healthy and what’s not.   Longevity contributor Daniel Scheffler takes a more humorous look at some common ideas associated with good health and longevity and tested whether they’re myths, or not. Myth 1: YOU SHOULD DRINK EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER EVERY DAY

Sometimes being inactive is the most active you can possibly be. Known as the open-air capital of Europe, Oslo, Norway has its roots in health. The city, with long classical vistas and architecture dating back to the 19th Century, makes for a quiet place to fully rejuvenate, Nordic-style. Established in

How I found stillness on the Cape Winelands Sometimes the best way to connect is to disconnect. Today, we are more hooked up than ever before – fused to the world thanks to social media, bolted to every email, and somehow left secured, all due to technology that is supposed

SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO JUST TAKE IT FROM THE TOP – A 12-DAY NAMIBIAN FLYING SAFARI By Daniel Scheffler Although not rich with savannah, like Kenya, or bestowed with gorilla rainforests, like Uganda, this sparsely inhabited country in southern Africa has something else – the forever, and ever, dunes. Namibia,

Enjoy active travel? Then heli-snowboarding may be just for you. Global travel writer Daniel Scheffler tried it out There is a certain fulfillment in making it to a remote space that is seemingly impossible to reach: the commitment of getting there, the effort expended in the process, the dangers involved,