Dina Marais


Dina Marais is an internationally qualified meta-coach and an accredited PNI facilitator. For more information visit http://coachingself.com.

Can women in leadership catch up with how people want to experience and excel in their work? Universally people want three things in life: autonomy, mastery and purpose. According to Daniel H Pink, author of Drive – the surprising truth about what motivates us, when leaders embrace this and lead

We all have a need to take time out and recharge our batteries. If we don’t, we feel like doormats and become resentful. Recharging our batteries gives us new mental and physical energy to deal with everyday challenges and perform at our best, personally and professionally. Some of us do

Expert advice: The Self Coach’s Perspective: I really want to lose weight, but it seems impossible. How do I prepare for weight loss?  For anything in which we invest our time and money, we have criteria that we use to decide for or against it. We make thousands of decisions

Living well refers to quality of life. Right? Quality of life refers to what gives us meaning and purpose in life. When we have meaning and purpose, we feel great. So, how do we achieve quality of life? For me, it involves taking care of our life as a whole