Dineo Mokwena

Dineo Mokwena

Dineo Mokwena is a vibrant 22 year old Rhodes graduate currently working as an intern at Longevity. Graduating with degrees in both journalism and psychology, she found it fit to feed her journalistic career. Her passions lie in health, fashion and tons of food. She has found that journalism is the best platform to educate and learn about what South African's need to hear the most and plans to use this platform to better the wellness of the world we live in.

Some women become pregnant easily, while others may struggle. If you’re one of the growing numbers of women who are finding it difficult to fall pregnant, before spending money on trying to find out what may be wrong, the first thing you should do is to take a look at

The are a number of reasons why good, cocoa-dense, dark chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate is derived from a plant and the seeds are extracted from the cacao tree, the scientific name for which is Theobroma Cacao. This name is derived from the Greek words, meaning “food of

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Your blood pressure reading measures the amount of blood forced through your veins pushing against the walls of your blood vessels. Most of the time, these readings only make sense to a health professional. So what does it mean when you are told you have low blood pressure or pre-hypertension

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Hands often show the first signs of aging, as we pay less attention to them than we do to our faces. Our hands were designed to be one of the most physically active parts of our body, yet we forget to give them the attention they deserve. The anti-aging process

Single Mother Sofia Vergara is widely known as Gloria from the award winning show Modern Family. She has a lot in common with her character Gloria. Both are Colombian,  brainy, beautiful and Sofia is just as hilarious in real life too. Vergara married her high school sweetheart in 1991, fell pregnant

Seeing this woman’s selfie may convince you to stay away from tanning beds. 27 year old nurse, Tawny Willoughby who used tanning beds in her teenage years posted this graphic selfie on Facebook to warn about the dangers of using tanning beds. The photo shows painful blisters and scars from

For a few months mom Julie Fitzgerald noticed something behind her son Avery’s eye when he was looking into the light. She began to wonder and research what it could be and came across a women who saw a white eye instead of the typical red eye in the photographs

As we age, it may become more difficult to rest at night and enter the deep sleep. Studies have shown that although we still need the same amount of sleep, aging is linked to shorter time spans of sleep. Understanding sleep patterns and factors that may affect them may lead


Kim Kardashian recently posted a photograph of herself smiling and laughing on Instagram, with the caption: “See I do smile… even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles.” and while you may laugh at her statement, scientifically, there may some truth to this. It is a common myth

Findings published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease suggest that even though the supermarket coupons or vouchers might keep the wallets fuller, the food options tend to end up expanding waistlines and increasing future medical costs. “We know from other studies that when you lower the price of foods, people