Elsa Kruger


Elsa Krüger is a journalist and beauty writer with almost four decades’ experience of newspapers and magazines and even a short-lived stint as a government spin-doctor. This permanently cured her from politics – lipstick and mascara are more honest and do much more for you!

Elsa has a passion for the beauty industry and the science of beauty because of its constant new breakthroughs and exciting developments. She abhors age-ism and believe that beauty is not about anti-ageing; it is about how well you age. Managing and shaping graceful ageing is within every woman’s personal control.

Besides writing on beauty and related topics for various Afrikaans and English women’s magazines, including Longevity Magazine, she has recently launched her beauty website www.mooipraatjies.com – the first independent site in Afrikaans, aimed at women over 40.

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Buyers beware: common non-invasive aesthetic procedures could be a ticking time bomb in the hands of unskilled and unqualified practitioners. These days it seems that every second doctor is reaching for a cosmetic needle, irrespective of whether they are dermatologists, dentists, general practitioners, gynaecologists or other medical specialists. With salon-based

Anti-aging beauty snags you should know about 1. Whiskers WHERE? All things hairy suddenly get unruly. Where hair should be, it grows sparse, pale and limp (your lashes, brows and formerly luxurious, shiny mane lose pigment, grow thin and grey), and where it should not be, it suddenly starts sprouting

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What Serums really do? A serum contains a higher concentration of nutrients and active ingredients than a moisturiser. It is formulated as an intensive treatment to address a specific skin concern, such as aging, dullness and dehydration. The reason why serums pack a serious punch, compared to simply a moisturiser,

Skin problems are not exclusively teenage territory. With our frenetic lifestyles and the associated stress, more women are experiencing problem skin than ever before. Stress reduction is vital, says Dr Adam Geyer, Kiehl’s consulting dermatologist and instructor in Clinical Dermatology at Columbia University. “Cortisol is released when we are under stress and

Mother Nature’s pantry is a bounty of natural beauty skin and hair ingredients that are delivering exciting cosmetic breakthroughs. By Elsa Kruger Coconut oil for shiny hair, chamomile tea or lemon juice for blonde tresses, aloe gel for sunburn and rosemary tea for shiny dark locks. Who hasn’t dipped into

by Elsa Kruger So are luxury beauty products worth the price tag? You decide Modern luxury is very much about science. As Aerin Lauder, vice-president of global advertising for Estée Lauder, explains: “Our company has always brought out products of prestige and luxury, but in this new century, we have

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Problem conditions with feet can often be an early indication of general health problems such as arthritis and diabetes. “Too many people wait too long to seek treatment for a foot condition like a fungal infection of the nail or pain in the heel and arch. “As soon as you

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By Elsa Kruger  Cape Town plastic surgeon, Dr Winston Shaer, shares the top five most popular cosmetic procedures, and what you can expect Rhinoplasty: Reshaping of the nose What: Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is usually performed by a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance (cosmetic surgery) of a