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Emily Matthew is a passionate blogger, writer, health, and fashion freak. She has contributed to various reputed blogs and is regularly on the lookout to reach authoritative blogs around the globe. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyeMatthew

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A Russian inventor and physician, Gustav Zander, in 1867, created an apparatus to create vibrations with the use of pulleys and weights. It was developed for therapeutic purposes. Later, Dr John Harvey Kellogg, in 1895, adopted vibration therapy as a part of his health practice. He developed a vibrating chair

The way to one’s heart is via their stomach. Truer words have never been spoken. Whether you are a 4-year-old, a teenager or a young adult, we all love food. Food is art. It is passion. It is determination. You see it only as sustenance but it is so much

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We often worry about getting our bikini body ready to go on holiday, but what if you flipped this idea on its head for once? Imagine if you could go on holiday, have a great time and come home healthier, stronger and in better shape than when you left. How

Most of the construction we witness today is a direct result of the Second Industrial Revolution. This is the era that has benefited from many socioeconomic movements and advancements in technology: unions protecting workers; protective equipment becoming standard; planning using economies of scale; electronic inventions; pre-fabrication; and computer-aided design. Construction

Exercise is an important facet of a healthy body and mind. Maintaining a proper workout routine can help you to establish a healthy lifestyle. These tips are designed to help you make the most out of your workout. Take Care of Your Overall Health When we workout, we often have