Jenni Rivett


Jenni has been a fitness instructor and wellness consultant for over two decades and is considered a global expert on the subject. She trained the late Princess Dianna along with other well-known celebrities. She has published extensively in video and print on the subject of fitness and wellness. You can visit her website or take a class at

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Something we rarely think about when we’re younger is being able to spring out of bed in the morning without aching, balance on one leg without falling over, or putting our trousers on without having to hold onto a support.  As you age, these seemingly simple movements will become more

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Exercise is supposed to give you energy, but at what point can it actually drain you of energy? Fitness expert Jenni Rivett is as adamant about the damaging effects of over-exercising as she is about not exercising at all. In this article she shares some great advice. Balance It’s common