Johane du Toit

Johane du Toit

Johané du Toit is the Health Writer at Longevity Magazine. She has a keen interest in medical and scientific innovations and aspires to provide the public with the latest reliable news in the fields of medicine, fitness, wellness, and science. Johane is happiest outdoors, preferably near a large body of water or in the mountains, and loves waterskiing, cooking, traveling and reading.

desert milk | Longevity LIVE

We know, we know. There are already so many versions of milk available on your grocery shelves. But wait until you hear about desert milk. With a superior nutrient profile and a non-allergenic profile, it also presents an ethical replacement for conventionally farmed milk. Human Milk and Desert Milk After

runners | Longevity LIVE

Any runners out there? If you love running, you’ll know what it’s like to smash your personal best on a 5K. Or being able to build your endurance over time and see results.  Happily I am in  that category. Of course running it is good for longevity.  So, I was

healthy weight loss

In addition to smooth, glowing skin and good mental health, many of us simply want to eat and not gain weight. Or, at the very least, just lose 5kg and have it stay off. However, this wish has clearly not been granted. According to the World Health Organisation, worldwide obesity

winter holiday | Longevity LIVE

Traveling can be either exciting or anxiety-inducing – depending on whether you’re a seasoned traveler or not. Whatever the case, everyone likes to feel prepared when traveling on a snow holiday. This is why it is useful to have a checklist of questions you would like answered ahead of planning

holiday | Longevity LIVE

After a long year, there’s nothing like the holiday season and getting out of the city as a pick-me-up. Which is why the wellness holiday is a trend that keeps sticking around. It is the perfect answer to the overworked, stress-loaded lifestyle we subject ourselves to every year. When you’re

SH-RD | Longevity LIVE

When we think of K- and J-Beauty and everything it’s known for, what usually comes to mind is glass skin, sheet masks, the concepts of essence, snail gel, and ridiculously cute packaging. But we shouldn’t confine beauty trends from the east solely to skincare. When it comes to hair care,

African coffee | Longevity LIVE

In the late 1980s, Zimbabwe enjoyed worldwide fame as a producer of some of the best African coffee.  Also, the country was responsible for exporting a product that got coffee-lovers going in the morning. It was of such quality that it could be found in the boardrooms of some of

mindfulness | Longevity LIVE

The body, mind, and soul. All three can reap the benefits of the individual being fully in the present moment. As well as paying attention on purpose, and being wholly without judgment. This state of mind and body is defined by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, emeritus professor of medicine at the

depression | Longevity LIVE

300 million. This figure, according to the World Health Organization, represents the global number of people currently suffering from the debilitating disease that is depression. Taking into account current statistics relating to suicide – along with the way the world is starting to look at mental health and issues such

plastic surgery | Longevity LIVE

If you were to look at a line graph of the demand for plastic and reconstructive surgery for the last 20 years or so, you would see it growing steadily. Since 2000, the number of cosmetic procedures conducted annually has increased by a staggering 115%. This is as reported by