Kheyrne Danu


About the author: Kheyrne Danu has spent the last seven years working with women through personal coaching and workshops on natural wellness; she is also the brainchild of the Super Thrive brand, a natural product for stress support. Kheyrne first studied interior design, but soon switched to natural wellness, a subject that has fascinated her for over 16 years. She also trained as a kinesiologist, a doula and yoga instructor, as well as being a professional dance teacher and bodywork practitioner. Kheyrne feels that life really shines through when one has a great understanding of and relationship with one’s own body. She is a writer for Longevity magazine.


Grow your own veggies and herbs in any place or space with the help of Longevity. In this series Longevity speaks to some of South Africa’s top gardening experts to help you on your way. Growing your own food is becoming a new trend. Not only is it cost-effective, but

Sleeping | Longevity Live

Everyone loves that feeling of a refreshed and clear mind after a good night’s sleep. Sleep plays a major role in our neurological health, such as cognitive function and memory. Sleep also plays an important role in hormonal health, such as weight balance, stress management and libido, but why would

garden | Longevity Live

In today’s world, the idea of growing your own food garden is appealing. Not only is it cost-effective, but you can control the soil in which your plants grow, and will be assured that no additives or pesticides have been used, thereby improving the nutrient and mineral content of your

healthy eating | Longevity Live

Women love chocolate, but should we be eating it? Anyone who has gorged on slabs of milk chocolate will most likely have experienced weight gain, bad skin and addiction, but is there another side that we have forgotten? The social guilt entrenched in our relationship with this treat is now

organic | Longevity Live

For some it’s simply common sense that eating organic, food free of artificial ingredients, using natural skincare products and cosmetics, and cleaning your home with safe products is going to be much better for you and your family, as well as the environment. For others there is a question of

Food and fatigue go hand-in-hand.  While some foods can cause fatigue, others can be the remedy.  Food can either be a slow-acting poison or an incredibly healing medicine,
 so choose wisely. What Causes Fatigue? “Tiredness is our body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance. It’s often

calories | Longevity Live

Calorie counting has been the dominant diet advice for over six decades. Yet we know that not all calories are created equal. Processed food has been exposed for the con artist it is and whole foods are back in favour. A recent study has exposed the research behind low fat diets as fraudulent…

An orgasm a day keeps aging at bay. Sex toys can be the world of fun, but some come with a few hidden surprises. Just like anything that you put inside your body, it’s always a good idea to make sure your little ‘partner in pleasure’ doesn’t contain any toxic

sleep | Longevity Live

Sleep is essential to our quality of life, yet many of us have far too little. After decades of research, we now know fatigue is directly linked to multiple lifestyle disorders, such as weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But what’s being done about it?  The world no longer goes

Pomegranate breakfast

Pomegranates are fast gaining popularity as we begin to understand the health benefits of this juicy fruit. And it’s no wonder considering the incredible anti-aging effects of this ruby red delicacy. Whether you eat it, drink it or treat your skin to it’s oil, pomegranate fruit is claiming its place on