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Kim Bell has been in the media industry for the past 17 years and has always had a strong passion for health and wellness. Kim started as Features Editor at Longevity in 2006, before moving to the position of Managing Editor in 2010. She has developed a thorough knowledge and understanding of health issues and her stories aim to be balanced and highly informative. Longevity's mandate is to provide relevant and informative stories that are science and research based. and ensure a balance of opinion from a range of specialised experts. Longevity aims to empower readers to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness. Topical subjects and health issues are tackled, unpacked and presented in easy reading, yet informative way. It is Kim's role to ensure this is carried out through the brand of Longevity.

winter skin | Longevity LIVE

As we age, so do the lipids, those natural oil and fat components that prevent moisture loss, which begin to deteriorate, resulting in dull, lifeless skin. Here’s how to anti-age your skin. This aging process can be accelerated, not just in hot, sunny environments, but also in cold, dry and

Karoo | Longevity LIVE

Kim Bell hit the road to traverse South Africa’s great desert with a particular mission in mind: to uncover the quaintest, most novel and experiential stays in some the darling small towns of the Karoo. Our journey through the Karoo’s small towns (commonly referred to as ‘dorpies’) turned out to be

hair loss | longevity live

A survey conducted by independent company Plus 94 Research (on behalf of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo) has found that hair loss is a problem – and men and women face this challenge differently. The Background When It Comes To Men: The study found that hair loss is more prevalent in middle-aged

For years, Chanel’s research and development team has looked into the science of aging (and women’s attitude toward it). The premise was simple: women want to take care of themselves and improve their longevity, while still remaining true to themselves. The Chanel researchers took inspiration from the best possible source: the

Optimistic Thinking | Longevity Live

Being optimistic is a good thing. But how can positive thinking and being an optimist increase your longevity? Barrie Davenport, a personal and career coach, and founder of the blog Live Bold and Bloom, explains that positive thinking really does change your brain. “Not in some magical, woo-woo kind of

recipe | Longevity Live

Looking for a tasty & quick lunch today? Try this roast vegetable and feta pita. The recipe is extracted from Fast Food For Sustained Energy by Celynn Erasmus and Gabi Steenkamp. The two nutrition experts have teamed up to provide a practical guide for those who want to have healthy,

talk therapy | Longevity Live

For the ones that are dealing with long term or recurring depression new therapy methods have been discovered. According to research published in The Lancet, cognitive therapy has been found to be as effective as anti-depressant medication. The Study On The Treatment Of Depression: The study compared mindfulness and open


The fact remains, whether we like it or not, South African men pay less attention to their bodies and health than women do. What this means is that South African men die, on average, six to eight years earlier than their female counterparts. Men’s health can’t be ignored. It has

make-up | Longevity LIVE

Depending on how you apply your make-up, you can look older, or younger, than you actually are. To take a few years off, celebrity image consultant and make–up artist, Charlene Warwick shares her make-up tips. The Basics You start by prepping your skin with an illuminating primer. “This will brighten

excitement | Longevity LIVE

According to Durex, most couples tend to stick to three sexual positions, which could lead to a rut. Here are some simple tips to add a little excitement to your favorite moves. 1. Change Location Even missionary-style sex can feel a lot more adventurous if you’re doing it on the