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Texting has become an increasingly popular form of communication, but little is known about how sending text messages can impact our lives.  The findings of a new study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, suggest that texting on your phone while walking can alter your posture and balance. The scientists,

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A new study from Loma Linda University shows that there is an association between diet type and weight, with vegetarians having a lower body mass index than non-vegetarians. This study has shown that vegetarians may not only be more likely to outlive their meat-eating counterparts, but they could also have

Popularized by the book, Eat Right for Your Type, written by naturopath Peter D’Adamo, the theory behind the “blood-type” diet is believed not to be valid. “Based on the data of 1,455 study participants, we found no evidence to support the “blood-type” diet theory,” said the senior author of the

Senior lecturer Julia Goedecke and BSc (Med) Honours student Courtney Jennings, from the Department of Human Biology at the University of Cape Town, conducted a study to determine the potential underlying mechanisms of ethnic differences in South Africa, and their implications for weight control among the population. They found that

The miracle of technology allows new hope for those who cannot walk By Lynne Gidish  Five years ago when we interviewed Jessica Webster, she was trying to pick up the pieces after being shot in the spine. Refusing to accept being confined to a wheelchair, the writer and artist has

Puma recently launched PumaTrac, a unique running application for your iPhone. Incorporating a user-friendly design with pre-loaded Tictrac technology, PumaTrac analyses how external conditions affect your running performance. By providing these insights into running behaviour, the app is designed to motivate you to get out the door and moving. PumaTrac

In this column  Suzanne Ellis from the Health Products Association of South Africa (HPASA),  discusses what you need to know about anti-aging supplements. Wise up to aging Once upon a time, age was associated with wisdom. Today it’s considered a demon, to be kept at bay at all costs. With

At the beginning of the school day, children are full of energy and ready to take in as much as they can in class, but as the day progresses, they start to become tired and lethargic. Because children are increasingly busy and active at school, it is important to ensure

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According to research, a happy lady is one who has a happy sex life. Women want to feel needed, loved and valued. And of course, feeling sexy wouldn’t go amiss. Being desired and having a genuine connection with her partner form an important part of a woman’s self-esteem, which influences

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Disrupted sleep has a major effect on melatonin levels of men living in Iceland, a study conducted by scientists from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests. The study on sleep According to the study, melatonin is a chemical that helps regulate sleep patterns. It is produced most effectively