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iridology | Longevity LIVE

Our eyes are like a TV or video screen which is connected to our body by the optic nerve. The nervous system projects important information onto it about what is happening all over our bodies. Changes in our iris patterns can be signs of stress, diabetes and high blood pressure.

men | Longevity LIVE

Men tend not to want to know about or address male reproductive diseases or diseases of the urinary tract, but it is really important that they do, as it can significantly improve their health – and even save their lives. Men and their health Here are some issues men and

Rewind the clock for three decades.  We find ourselves at a time when the family would sit together around the dinner table, discussing their day while enjoying a meal that was prepared mostly with love and care. This time spent together allowed everyone to grow closer and offer a sense

rejuvenation | Longevity LIVE

Anti-aging treatments are rising in popularity. Whether it’s a cream, serum, or some form of cosmetic surgery, many patients are trying to avoid the inevitable natural process of aging. Many patients tend to tackle aging in the facial area, using skincare routines, or trying to get rid of fine lines

While the desire to look is ingrained in female DNA, historically men have been less inclined to focus on their appearance. But times are changing. The male aesthetic market might still be in its infancy, but it will grow exponentially. Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are changing, it’s a good

breast cancer | Longevity LIVE

Although seen as a predominantly female disease, breast cancer affects men too. If you are worried about your breast health, it is important to remember the significance of early detection. Fear of coronavirus should not lead to the delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancer with inevitable, unnecessary loss of life.

Managing your personal finances can be  tricky, especially if you have personal assets to your name like a house or a car. However, many people are under the impression that as long as they are not living pay check to pay check, then they are looking after their money just

jenni rivett | Longevity LIVE

Longevity has teamed up with health and fitness specialist Jenni Rivett to host a morning livestream event, A Healthy and Happy Body In Lockdown.  Jenni Rivett will help us wake up as share her insights and help provide essential tips for how you can manage your health as well as

Now that the world is spending much more time at home, your space should be as cozy and as comfortable as possible. You want to enjoy spending time at home amidst all the worry and anxiety that has characterized this quarantine period. There’s a need to stay positive, motivated, and

mediterranean diet | Longevity LIVE

It seems almost daily there’s some new weight management scheme that is being touted by ‘experts’ online. To the untrained eye, all of these different diets and nutritional schemes seem to be incredible; fast results, minimal lifestyle changes, frequently no mention of exercise at all. And yet, in reality, so