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SAD | Longevity LIVE

It’s normal to feel sad sometimes considering you cannot be happy every moment of your life, but do you know how to distinguish the difference between normal and abnormal blues? An important question to ask yourself is, “Am I feeling sadder than usual?” If the answer is yes, then you

beauty sleep | Longevity LIVE

We’ve all heard the term beauty sleep, whether it’s from a runway model, an actress, or a reality star. When interviewers ask these people how they stay youthful and glowing, that’s the response. But how true is that answer? Do a few extra hours of shut-eye really keep people looking

Greenest City In the World is Durban

News Alert. Durban has just been named the greenest city in the world. That’s according to the Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI) 2019. An AI-powered satellite solution to help decision makers monitor the proportion and health of green spaces in cities across the globe. Durban is the greenest city

age well

Are you experiencing any abnormal levels of fatigue? Are you reaching an age where you don’t necessarily feel as if you’re aging. However, you know that you are and want to know how to age well? Well then you should consider the benefits of getting a chiropractic adjustment. Why? Do

beauty routine traveling

Traveling is exciting and rewarding. We relax our mind, body and soul, but at the same time, we can stress our skin due to many changes in our lifestyle, routine and change of air and climate. That’s why it’s important to consider all the factors that affect your skin and

Healthy and FItness

With every New Year comes a glut of diet, health and fitness-focused resolutions that can be easy to make, but even easier to break. With this understanding, throngs of tech companies are finding innovative ways to keep people engaged and motivated to get fit and healthy…and stay that way.  However,

Longevity Partner Content. Are you working on a plan to tone down and get in shape in time for the upcoming holidays? If so, this one is for you. When it comes to effective training methods, nowadays, we are so spoiled for choice. But something that always wins us over is

competition | Longevity LIVE

Virgin Active South Africa is giving away 12 training sessions with a personal trainer to one lucky winner – and it could be you! Submit your details below in the competition and win! T’s and C’s apply. Competition terms and conditions • All participants must be over the age of


Everyone is talking about “hacking FLOW states”, meaning they’ve found a way to pursue exhilarating lives. If you’re like me, often life feels more like a hack and not at all flowy! A new little human being has recently joined our family tribe and, suddenly, negotiating outings have become a

free radicals | Longevity LIVE

Longevity Content Partnership. Every day, our skin faces assault from a variety of environmental forces. Air pollution and toxic elements like urban or fuel dust and smoke cause enormous havoc. The layers of our skin experience damage by free radicals. This damage plays out in the form of premature aging