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mom day

In Southern Africa: With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to get creative in lockdown and start thinking about gift ideas and fun activities to show mom how loved and appreciated she is. And while one day a year is not enough to properly celebrate our mothers, it’s the perfect

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil, as it’s more commonly known, has become hugely popular in recent times. The oil is mostly used in its pure form, but there is also an ever-increasing array of products that contain CBD that are available to the consumer. Even large beauty product manufacturers are

CBD | Longevity LIVE

We’re all working harder to make ourselves healthy these days, but with mixed messages out there about how to stay in peak condition.  So how can we be sure that we’re doing the right things to keep well? Almost every week there seems to be a new trend emerging and

home gym

At a time when working out at home is becoming more popular (and a necessity), do we really need to be so reliant on the gym when home workouts can be just as good?  Yes, you have all the equipment ready to go at your local club, but can you

regenerative farming | Longevity LIVE

The trends and new bits of health advice bombarding us daily can be quite daunting, even for the most well-read. For example, the awareness of pesticides – more specifically, glyphosate – has increased over the last two years. But staples like corn, also known as maize, are a GMO crop,

Today is Earth Day. Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx,  says now is the time to take heed of the lessons from  COVID-19. We need to ensure not just our own longevity but also the earth’s sustainability into the future. COVID-19 Has Changed The Earth Earth Day  has shifted If we

When sheltering we need to ensure we drink enough water. Water is essential for good health. Here’s  what some of the leading experts have to say on how to stay hydrated. 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration Water. We all need it for optimum health and wellness. However, a

dental veneers

Technology has transformed our everyday lives significantly, bringing everything within reach of a fingertip.  Dentistry has also been experiencing a revolution in the form of CAD/CAM-assisted crowns/bridges, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many more.   This article looks into some technologies that will totally change dentistry. So the next time you

Ventilators for COVID-19

DEARBORN, Michigan, March 30, 2020 – Ford Motor Company, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, announced today it will begin producing third-party ventilators. The goal is to produce 50,000 vitally needed units within 100 days and up to 30,000 a month thereafter as needed. Ford will provide its manufacturing capabilities to

Yoga Weight Loss

Have you ever considered yoga as an activity that can help you lose weight? No? Well, it might surprise you, but this wonderful traditional Indian discipline is perfect for this. Let’s look at some ways of using  yoga for weight loss. Many Health Benefits of Yoga There isn’t a person