Mandy Myerson


Having founded and run a successful art consultancy for 15 years, I began to really question my life and greater purpose. I started challenging my behaviour patterns and belief systems, and was drawn to start taking active steps in my life that would contribute towards a positive, abundant, healthy Earth and future. This is my blog, humanWaking.
I set out on an inner journey to heal me. Mother to two young girls has been an enormous driving force, which has led me on a journey to connect to my self, our magnificent planet, holistic living, and real food that is nutritious, activating and free of chemicals.

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I am sharing my favorite chocolate recipe as getting back into the kitchen to rediscover food, which is a brilliant playground for exploring a touch of alchemy. Treasured and eaten ceremonially over 5000 years ago by ancient civilizations, cacao, “the food of the gods” is a hugely beneficial superfood. It has

This rice recipe is delicious and nurturing. It has evolved from my experience of a 14-day Panchakarma in Kerala, South India. It’s full of diverse tastes and textures, and a very mild introduction into richer flavors for the younger palate. Transport yourself and your family to the colourful hideaways of

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Having a smoothie is a great way to give yourself the best start to the day. I find value in the preparation as much as I do in the consuming. I use this time to really feel out where I am and what my body or mind wants and needs. I

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I am a woman I am a mother I am a deeply concerned human But first and foremost, I am a humanWaking I am on a journey. The literal distance is not particularly far. Yet, at times,  it has felt like miles and only recently am I beginning to sense