Dr Mehmet Oz and Dr Mike Roizen


Dr Mehmet Oz is host of The Doctor Oz Show, and continues to serve as Vice-Chairman and Professor of Surgery at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr Mike Roizen is Chief Wellness Officer and Chair of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic. Email you health and wellness questions to Dr Oz and Dr Roizen at youdocsdaily@sharecare.com.

sleep and daytime napping

More than 126 million U.S. adults reported experiencing chronic pain in the previous three months, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Pain — 25.3 million contend with it every day, and 23.4 million say that it’s severe. If you’re one of those folks, you know that takes

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One hundred trillion. Nope, it’s not the national debt. That mega-number is the population of microbes living it up in your digestive system. Most of you think about this inner zoo only when it pumps out too much gas at an embarrassing moment or sends you running to the toilet

brain | Longevity LIVE

For a rock-solid memory and razor-sharp brainpower, get up and move! A growing stack of research confirms that working your brain as if it were a core muscle keeps it younger and fitter. Exercise is good for your mind, for a ton of reasons. One biggie: getting active slashes stress,

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Making healthy choices is difficult when the consequences of your bad choices don’t show up right away. That’s one reason why it’s touch for some folks to recognize that they’re on a glide path to Type-2 diabetes. But we’re here to alert you to the signs and help you prevent

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Warning! Exercise-safety fears can be hazardous to your health. You may be stuck on the sidelines due to worries that exertion will cause heart, breathing or other problems, or you are concerned about the dangers lurking outdoors when biking or walking. And now a lot of folks are worrying about

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Savouring meals peppered with a sizzling-hot spice or two just twice a week cuts the risk of an early death by 14%, according to a recent report. In a well-designed Chinese study, researchers from Peking University and Harvard Medical School tracked the diets and health of 487 375 people for

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As the saying goes, “You gotta have guts!” Well, not quite. You gotta have good happy guts! That’s essential for optimal functioning, mentally and physically. But it’s easier said than done in today’s gut-banging, processed-food culture. Turns out lots of things in – and taken out of – the foods


The You Docs’ expert advice about the link between stress, insomnia and pain More than 126 million US adults reported experiencing pain in the previous three months, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Pain – 25.3 million contend with it every day, and 23.4 million say it’s

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If your parents both have red hair, it’s inevitable you’ll have red hair too. But if your folks developed Type-2 diabetes, does that mean you can’t escape developing it? Absolutely not! Type-2 diabetes can be avoided or even reversed. If you have a genetic predisposition for Type-2 (that’s around 70%

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According to a report published by the American Heart Association, one in five women can’t name a single warning sign of stroke. However, each year roughly 55 000 more women than men have strokes, which kill nearly twice as many women as breast cancer. But, strokes can be preventable –