Pascale Michael


I am a 27-year-old journalist with qualifications in the fields of Communications, Law and Economics. I recently moved from law to journalism because of my love for the written and spoken word. This leap of faith has been exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling. My passions include health and well-being and I am a firm believer in the fact that 'My body is my temple'. As a young South African woman, I am interested in portraying the thoughts and needs of the modern, dynamic women of our rainbow nation. I have a clear vision as a journalist and write with the aim of empowering ordinary people who have an extraordinary story to tell.

Retreat | Longevity LIVE

The yoga journey begins when the foetus starts growing in the womb and continues throughout life. From yoga during pregnancy to special yoga moves with new-born babies and children. The possibilities of health and well-being that yoga creates are endless. Your Yoga Journey Through Pregnancy Sweaty, noisy gyms may not

An interesting video has gone viral on social media platforms: Larry, an elderly man who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, is seen shaking uncontrollably at the start of the clip. Later he’s given cannabis oil by another Parkinson’s sufferer and, within a matter of minutes, Larry’s uncontrollable shaking ceases. The relief

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People of all ages can relate to the embarrassment, annoyance and stress that acne can cause. However, the good news is that the answer to this problem can be found in our pantry. Cosmetic chemist Candice Kalil, explains that home remedies are often kinder to the skin than products found