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Richard Mulholland is an entrepreneur, speaker, snowboarder... and father. He owns Missing Link, Africa's largest presentation company, and co-owns 21Tanks, a perspective innovation lab. You can read more of his ramblings at: or follow him on Twitter @richmulholland.

  Detoxing is a great idea, and I certainly believe it has its place. It’s just that sometimes I think we run the risk of detoxing all the ­flavour out of life, and in life, like food, the best ­ flavour generally comes from the stuff that’s a wee bit


  Yesterday I got a straight-razor shave. Ladies, if you want to do something way rad for a man in your life, book them a shave at the barber. The hot towels, the lather of the shaving foam, the razor blade so close to the neck – it’s awesome! Once

stress and family

  I remember, as a kid, playing a card game called Happy Families. In it you were trying to build your own happy family that comprised a mum, a dad, a son and a daughter. A perfectly reasonable family at the time this game was designed (1851, apparently). Let’s look

Why are we stripping the gender right out of things? Oh dear, people are going to hate me for this. *sigh* So, I was in a restaurant the other day, and a waitron approached me. A waitron!? I thought I must have been at a Star Trek convention. No, turns

Rich Mulholland shares what gives him the get up and go….. So on any given day, you can open your favourite social media site and see a plethora of articles entitled five ways to be more productive, or five tips for a happier relationship. Pffft. That’s four too many. I’ll

I bet you my wedding story trumps your wedding story. No, really. So picture the scene: six months of planning for an outdoor picnic wedding on a Sunday morning in late March. “What if it rains?” they asked. “It’s March,” I replied. “It never rains during the day in March.”

  Longevity magazine columnist Rich Mulholland shares his views on H2O When I was asked to write a column for this month’s Green Issue, I started o­ ff finding myself fairly stumped. I’m as green as at the next guy; I recycle the easy stu­ff and I turn the lights

A column by Rich Mulholland So you’re lying in bed one night, fast asleep. All of a sudden your dreams shift from kittens, unicorns and rainbows (that is what you normally dream about, isn’t it?) to an earthquake. Gone is the rainbow, only to be replaced by flames, and your