Skye Mallon


Skye is a Personal Well-Being Coach, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, and Movement Instructor. She loves changing people's lives and believes you should always strive to be your best, irrespective of the circumstances! She's the proud founder of the brand and online Wellbeing business, Skyezee FashionFit pty (LTD). She is also the co-studio owner of Bodytec Rivonia Village.

Living your longest, happiest, healthiest, BOLDEST lifestyle, and learning how to truly take care of your body and mind, holistically, is her specialty. More importantly, to help you stay consistent so that you are successful at whatever you aim to achieve. Particularly, those who’ve been misled by fad diets, false marketing, fitness images, and unrealistic beauty standards. Skye's here to help!

She's a qualified Fashion Journalist, Stylist, and Trends Forecaster. A Health and Fitness journalist for wellness magazine, Longevity. A Yoga Teacher and Health Life Coach in training. She's experienced in Exercise and Jump Rope Coaching, Movement, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Her mission is to help others achieve their goals daily, with confidence. Nothing makes Skye feel more alive than being on top of her health, because your greatest confidence-builder begins within. She's an adventure-seeking lady who has taken bold leaps of faith and risks in a short space of time. This has led her to face many challenging experiences at a young age, so she knows what it’s like to feel ‘stuck.’ But she also knows that defining your ‘ONE QUESTION’ is the most powerful asset to establishing true grit and determination, so you can conquer anything you wish to achieve.

She will help you get your BOLDEST self and LIFE back!

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Written by Skye Kimberley Mallon


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Skye's mission in this one-of-a-kind ladies club is to help and inspire EVERY women around the world to reach their best, most satisfied, confident, healthiest, happiest, and BOLDEST Self!

She says, "Together we will strive to figure out our ONE QUESTION to master EXCELLENCE in all that we DESIRE in living our BOLDEST life."

She's always excited to hear about who you are and what your story is or to just have a casual chat. So, come and say hi by sending her a friendly message via or connect on Social Media.

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