Stacey Gavin


Stacey Gavin is a Wellness Expert who studies the use of enzymes to improve health, wellbeing, and farming.

Essential Oils

If you’ve ever spent any time looking at wellness-related magazines or social media, you’ve encountered people raving about the benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are everywhere, and they are popular for good reason. But if you want to incorporate essential oils into your life, it’s important to first know

protein powder | Longevity LIVE

With so many whey and other protein powders competing for the same target market, perfecting your protein powder formula is crucial. Staying a cut above the competition means having a unique edge, which is why knowing how enzymes and probiotics enhance your formulation gives you a clear advantage. What Is

breathing meditation and mindfulness | Longevity LIVE

Anyone who has ever suffered from pulmonary fibrosis knows just how scary and anxiety-inducing the experience can be. People with pulmonary fibrosis often experience shortness of breath with movement or even at rest, and the feeling of struggling to breathe and tightness in the chest can be uncomfortable and overwhelming

Stop Food Waste | Longevity LIVE

Pulmonary fibrosis is an uncommon chronic lung disease that impacts a small percentage of adults later in life. For those living with pulmonary fibrosis, the persistent cough and periods of breathlessness can take a major toll over time. One of the easiest ways to manage your symptoms and improve your