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Hyperbaric Oxygen

A new study published today in the peer-reviewed journal Aging is a breakthrough in therapies to  improve brain aging. The research is the first to show enhanced brain function and improved cognitive capabilities resulting from novel Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)  treatment. TEL AVIV – July 15, 2020 – The Sagol

iridology | Longevity LIVE

Our eyes are like a TV or video screen which is connected to our body by the optic nerve. The nervous system projects important information onto it about what is happening all over our bodies. Changes in our iris patterns can be signs of stress, diabetes and high blood pressure.

breast cancer | Longevity LIVE

Although seen as a predominantly female disease, breast cancer affects men too. If you are worried about your breast health, it is important to remember the significance of early detection. Fear of coronavirus should not lead to the delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancer with inevitable, unnecessary loss of life.

face mask

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the whole planet far more aware of their breathing. For many, this has caused a great deal of fear and anxiety. The virus itself attacks our respiratory system making it hard to breathe – and when breathing feels limited, difficult or scary, so does everything