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We ate a good deal of Shan noodles en route to and while we were staying at Inle Lake in Myanmar. It’s a popular dish, not only among the locals in the Land of the Golden Pagodas. You can also find variants of this dish all over Southeast Asia. Shan

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The latest extreme-sports craze sweeping the globe, kite buggying involves being dragged along at speeds of up to 110 kph by a giant kite. Adrenaline-junkie Dan Roberts risks life and limb to give it a try. If you ever flew a stunt kite in the park as a kid, you’ll

Inle Lake Sanctuary, Myanmar

Our Myanmar journey, inspired by the novel Floating, had thus far been a whirlwind of historic sites, great food, hospitable people, shopping and visiting unique places. Our group of travelers had taken in the sights and sounds of the bustling Yangon and reveled in the stupendous sensory overload of the

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Sometimes in Boston, and in other Bikram Yoga studios around the world, they’ll turn up the heat to 105 degrees and get the humidity going and tell you it’s a furnace. But it’s only a furnace for ninety minutes and it’s a furnace you get to decide what days you

Balloons in Bagan photo by Mikhail Wertheim Aymes

As our plane descended, I caught my first glimpse of the famed Bagan temples dotted over the verdant plains of Myanmar. This ancient place rests in arms of mystical mountains, where the Irrawaddy river flows through. Our group had seen some impressive temples in Yangon, but nothing would prepare us

walking the earth | Longevity Live

Tria She is tall, a teenager, listening to her music and cooking vegetables. Her mother is sleeping on the cot in the corner. They share the twenty by twenty room with five other women – all from Africa. It’s clean and there is a fridge and carpets on the floor.

walking the earth | Longevity Live

Dhio The basketball is beyond over-inflated. When I dribble it, it bounces almost above my head. The kid who makes the bags from the discarded life jackets and pieces of boat and I are shooting hoops at Pipka while the Afghanistan girl takes a break from riding in circles on

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Ena The girl is circling around the empty basketball court at Pipka on a bike. She is just going in circles and circles as fast as she can learning how to ride. She has a scarf wrapped around her head. When she stops for water I ask: “Where are you

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At the end of the yoga class, Dino asks all the kids to meditate for two minutes and think of a place where they were happy and safe. They slowly settle into a large circle and then they hold each other hands and it’s quiet. I hear the fathers who

walking the earth | Longevity Live

I never knew Dino before I came here. When I knew him back in Boston, when he was first my friend, his name was Constantine – the name of a nice Greek American boy, which he was. Here in Greece, that’s Constantindos, which is too long, so the Greeks make