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Silence in Africa “Are the Maasai happy with the conservancies Maison?” “Oh yes very happy.” Maison and his three brothers have 450 acres in Mara North that they receive rent payments on. One plot was given their father, a former policeman their father was smart enough to buy two more


I’ve always had a fascination with Burma, or Myanmar as it is now known. It started way back when I first visited the beautiful home, now monument to a legendary silk merchant Jim Thompson in Bangkok, Thailand. His contribution to the silk trade in the region including Burma and unexplained

walking the earth | Longevity Live

The Wild Chase Maison and I are walking through the plain where zebra are eating off to our left and impala to our right and topi are around too and the small Thompson gazelles that look like shrunk down impalas but of course they are not. When I first came

walking th earth | Longevity Live

“I was in Nairobi Maison, and I love seeing the Maasai with their cattle on the four way highways.” Maison smiles. “We love our cows. If a Maasai man came to see you in America and there was a cow he would say that is mine, why do you have

walking the earth | Longevity Live

Maison is black. Maison’s black is not a shade of the color but a deep pure black that it makes you think that when we call African Americans in the States black we are using the wrong word. At best, African Americans are brown, but back home it would not

walking the earth | Longevity Live

Hearing the Lion Growl Crystal was still pleased that so many had made the trip unscathed. The road was terrible, and we went slower than usual because of the six large sheets of wood that we had bought in Narok at the hardware store that was opened up on Sunday

walking the earth | Longevity Live

Waking up in the Naboisho Camp In Africa, I never need an alarm to wake me and I never pull the sheets over my head to stop the day from coming. When the crescendo of the birds in the bush jumps from the chatter of the night to the growing

The door to the small white starter shack opened and, like he had for the group ahead of me, and the one before that, the young slender assistant golf professional popped his head out and said politely: “Play away please.”   This, among many other reasons, is the beauty of golf in


I’ve always been fascinated by India. So when friends invited us to join The Princess Trails, a unique horse safari in Rajasthan, northern India, we didn’t hesitate. There would be five of us riding The Princess Trails together – Peter and Sigurd would come from Norway, Rupi and Michael from America and William

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It’s mid-winter in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s cold, the media is full of  bad news and I can think of nothing better than a quick escape to the beautiful island of Bazaruto in Mozambique. And it really was quick. Just over two hours.  The flight from OR Tambo International airport