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At some stage, everyone’s energy levels start to flag. Dr Ela Manga, medical director of the Woodlands Wellness Centre, explains: “Every person has, at some time in their lives, experienced fatigue, which can only be described as a feeling of low energy, lethargy and listlessness. The rhythm of life should be

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Instead of going out to celebrate a romantic occasion, rather prepare a night in. The Capital Hotel School has the best tips on how to setting a romantic indoor picnic and they’ve also had their own chef – Chef Alicia – provide her favorite romantic meals to which you can

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Inflammation is a process whereby the body attempts to heal and protect itself. However, sometimes the fire can burn for little too long. If you’re suffering from a cold, your body will respond with a fever in hopes of healing you. The main duty of this process is to ensure

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A new study reveals that many patients with breast cancer have misconceptions and fears about radiation therapy, but their actual experiences with modern breast radiation therapy are better than they expected. In the study published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, most patients agreed

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This mango salmon recipe will provide you with healthy omega fatty acids and good protein, and it is served with brown rice and chili cucumber pickle for extra flavor. We’ve used mango here instead of sugar to create that wonderful sweetness we associate with teriyaki sauce, plus it gives us

The wrong kinds of food can negatively affect our brain impacting our memory, our mental health and increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Like our bodies- our brains need the right nutrients to function. However, indulging in the wrong foods can lead to negative effects such as an increased risk of

Vision and contact lenses

If you have been suffering from chronic headaches and popping aspirin isn’t helping, then your contact lenses are the problem. They are commonly used for correcting vision as an alternative to glasses. However, if they do not fit your eyes properly or are unable to compensate for the vision loss,

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February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month and – if you hadn’t already noticed from the covers of your favorite glossies and all over the Internet – 2018 is bursting with new health trends. Here are some of those that could help you to live your best life. 1. These are

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Steve Mululu, the CEO of Dream Body, explains that change is part of life and sometimes we embrace this, while other times we find it harder to deal with. “We live in a society where ‘accountability’ for our actions no longer matters, it is always ‘somebody else’s fault’. We want

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I’m a married man. For those of you keeping score, this is marriage number two. Had you asked me after the first time, Id have told you that number two would never work. Not because the first time was terrible; it really wasn’t. It just didn’t work out. Could it