The coronavirus pandemic has affected a number of industries all over the globe, and that also includes the fitness world. Fitness industry experts spoke to Longevity Live on The Nielsen Network.  In this series called The Business of Health, they discussed what is happening in this industry, how their businesses

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With throngs of beauty-minded folks endeavoring to “see and be seen” post-quarantine after a long and arduous lockdown, it’s time to get back on board with beauty routines. This certainly includes our hair coloring exploits. As salons across the nation reopen, many are wondering how we can  ensure health and

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With lockdown regulations slowly being lifted, more and more of us are making our way outside. Unfortunately, the lockdown has had quite an effect on our skin, ranging from dry skin, dullness, and stress breakouts. As a result, while we will be wearing face masks, we may have some valid

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One of the most popular exercises that you will see in all magazines is the ‘Plank’. In Pilates, we call this the Front Support as the entire front of your body is supporting you. Front Support really does bring a lot of value to your exercise regime where it incorporates

While some of us have been looking forward to post-lockdown living because it’ll give us a chance to have a social life again, there are some people who are battling with post-lockdown anxiety at the thought of re-entering the world. Now while we’re all looking forward to seeing our family

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Our eyes are like a TV or video screen which is connected to our body by the optic nerve. The nervous system projects important information onto it about what is happening all over our bodies. Changes in our iris patterns can be signs of stress, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Forest bathing is what it sounds like. This is a Japanese therapy to help cope with and manage stress, by immersing yourself completely in natural surroundings. Whilst it’s not a literal bath, forest bathing is a sensory bath. Every one of us is surrounded by tons of nature, which also

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According to 2018 statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is still the number one procedure requested by women. It was up 4% from the previous year, standing at 313 735 procedures completed by plastic surgeons in one year. This is despite the fact that breast

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Men tend not to want to know about or address male reproductive diseases or diseases of the urinary tract, but it is really important that they do, as it can significantly improve their health – and even save their lives. Men and their health Here are some issues men and

Rewind the clock for three decades.  We find ourselves at a time when the family would sit together around the dinner table, discussing their day while enjoying a meal that was prepared mostly with love and care. This time spent together allowed everyone to grow closer and offer a sense