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For women having difficulties with stress urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, dryness and overall irregularities, there is now an effective and non-invasive solution, with an added bonus of only 5-7 days downtime. As a result of several different factors, including menopause, hormonal changes, drastic weight loss and childbirth, women can suffer

Approximately 360 million people have disabling hearing loss worldwide, according to the Gerontological Society of America. In adults, this condition is defined by thresholds greater than 40dBHL (decibels hearing level) in the better-hearing ear. Hearing loss is associated with numerous health issues, including accelerated cognitive decline, depression, increased risk of

Envision pressing your hand against a tennis racket so that your skin begins to protrude through the gaps of the mesh, forming little bumps. This, in essence, is how cellulite works. Directly beneath the dermis of your skin is a layer of fat cells, which are separated by connective tissue.

Children of Centenarians

Did you know that your genes play a role in determining the manner in which you age? Researchers have identified the FOXO3A gene as having a significant impact on your longevity. Dr Bradley Wilcox is an expert in the field of genetic, environmental and clinical aspects of healthy aging, has

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Foot pain robs you of a vast chunk of your quality of life,” says podiatrist Chris Delpierre from the Sports Science Institute in Cape Town. “Over time, your foot can move out of shape and bones can become more prominent, which can hurt. Feet can lose muscle tone. And if

Younger brain

We are increasingly aware of the physical benefits that are associated with exercise and keeping fit and now research is confirming the crucial benefits it has to your brain’s health as well as the potential to get your younger brain back. Physicist and biomedical engineer, Dr Jason Steffener who works at


When navigating the world of anti-aging techniques it is crucial that we keep our wits about us. Not everything is what it seems. Not even when seven Nobel prize winners are backing it. As 2017 has kicked into full swing, critics have been assailing seven Nobel prize winners and two

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‘Bad cholesterol’ is not bad after all. In fact quite the opposite. The fifty-year old theory that high cholesterol causes heart disease has recently been thrown out. A group of scientists studied over 68,000 elderly people only to find shocking results. ‘Bad cholesterol’ might actually help us live longer. Science Says


A new study has unveiled the most effective way of slowing aging molecules to date may lie in plant extracts. So nature it seems, may well offer the key to youth. The study published in the journal Oncotarget by researchers from Concordia and the Quebec-based biotech company Idunn Technologies may

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A recent anti-aging study conducted by the Mayo Clinic has succeeded in extending the lifespan of mice by 35%. This research increases the possibility of the development of a treatment to increase longevity in humans. The researchers were able to show that senescent cells, the cells which no longer divide and