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A recent anti-aging study conducted by the Mayo Clinic has succeeded in extending the lifespan of mice by 35%. This research increases the possibility of the development of a treatment to increase longevity in humans. The researchers were able to show that senescent cells, the cells which no longer divide and


Here is what you need to know to protect your eyes as you age. The Latest Treatment For Cataracts A cataract is a progressive, painless clouding of the natural, internal lens of the eye. Cataracts block light, making it difficult to see clearly. Over an extended period of time, cataracts

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By Dr. Sly Nedic I have been running an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic for a number of years. Recently, I have noticed that the number of young people seeking preventive anti-aging has increased significantly. In addition to this, patients who were previously only interested in aesthetic procedures are now searching

  While the men’s grooming category has traditionally been treated (both by brands and retailers alike) as an afterthought to women’s beauty, this has been changing over the years. It’s no surprise that more and more men are taking an interest in their personal appearance, says In-Cosmetics trends analyst Jamie

For those living in sunny countries, vitamin D deficiency is often not thought to be a concern, but maybe it should be. In our modern society the average person spends a large majority of their lives indoors, dramatically limiting the amount of vitamin D synthesized. Recent research has found that

  Telomeres are now considered the holy grail of longevity. These protective tails on the ends of chromosomes have been found to contain your “cellular age”, plus science is now discovering ways to turn back the clock. After years of DNA research, we now know that telomeres safeguard your “vitality

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A new take on Alzheimer’s brings hope for this once elusive disease. Recently labeled type-3 diabetes, Alzheimer’s has now been linked to insulin resistance, the same condition that causes type-2 diabetes. The new perspective on this disease finally opens the door to possible solutions; coconut oil and resveratrol are two

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What is happiness to you? For most of us this is not an easy question to answer. Longevity and Dermalogica decided to delve deeper into the subject. They invited inspirational speaker and psychologist Dr Hannetjie Van Zyl-Edeling to share her insights on cultivating happiness. Dr  Zyl-Edeling’s great thirst for knowledge

Researchers from Michigan State University have created a “brain game” that uses shapes to help anxiety sufferers learn to focus better and reduce their racing, panicked thoughts. Anyone who errs on the anxious side of experience will tell you that that racing thoughts and constant worries do not make an

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The human brain is often described as the most complex organ in the human body, its functioning and features still relatively unmapped in comparison to other parts of ourselves. But it still came as a surprise when researchers discovered a new part: and the implications are huge. A group of