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  Telomeres are now considered the holy grail of longevity. These protective tails on the ends of chromosomes have been found to contain your “cellular age”, plus science is now discovering ways to turn back the clock. After years of DNA research, we now know that telomeres safeguard your “vitality

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A new take on Alzheimer’s brings hope for this once elusive disease. Recently labeled type-3 diabetes, Alzheimer’s has now been linked to insulin resistance, the same condition that causes type-2 diabetes. The new perspective on this disease finally opens the door to possible solutions; coconut oil and resveratrol are two

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What is happiness to you? For most of us this is not an easy question to answer. Longevity and Dermalogica decided to delve deeper into the subject. They invited inspirational speaker and psychologist Dr Hannetjie Van Zyl-Edeling to share her insights on cultivating happiness. Dr  Zyl-Edeling’s great thirst for knowledge

Researchers from Michigan State University have created a “brain game” that uses shapes to help anxiety sufferers learn to focus better and reduce their racing, panicked thoughts. Anyone who errs on the anxious side of experience will tell you that that racing thoughts and constant worries do not make an

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The human brain is often described as the most complex organ in the human body, its functioning and features still relatively unmapped in comparison to other parts of ourselves. But it still came as a surprise when researchers discovered a new part: and the implications are huge. A group of

This weekend, the Sandton Convention Centre is hosting the prestigious World Congress on Healthy Aging 2015. The congress is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for South Africans to hear the leading international and local experts on healthy aging speak live. The congress focuses on topics that are on the cutting edge of


You really are as old – or as young – as you look and feel. According to Dr Michael Brickey, author of Defy Aging and 52 Baby Steps to Grow Young, only 20% to 30% of longevity is genetic – therefore 70% to 80% depends on what we think and

By Dr Anushka Reddy Deciding to have any type of cosmetic procedure or treatment is a huge decision. Not only are you spending your hard earned money; you are putting your physical health and looks in the hands of another person. It requires trust and confidence in your doctor. For


More and more people are opting for aesthetic treatments, but what are the most popular natural looking treatments available? Gone are the days of looking fake and overdone, says Dr Natasha Chapman, a GP specialising in aesthetic treatments at Laserderm. The trend in aesthetics these days is a very natural

by Dr Ryan Fuller The busy pace of today’s lifestyles means that many of us overlook the power we have to choose to enjoy our world more by living better and longer. Growing older is no longer something we must simply accept and endure – and the 2nd World Conference