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We are slowly nearing the winter season and it’s been colder than usual in some parts of the country. This dreadful season for many comes with a lot of unhealthy habits such as eating for comfort. But giving into sugar cravings isn’t just bad for the waistline, it could also

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Buyers beware: common non-invasive aesthetic procedures could be a ticking time bomb in the hands of unskilled and unqualified practitioners. These days it seems that every second doctor is reaching for a cosmetic needle, irrespective of whether they are dermatologists, dentists, general practitioners, gynaecologists or other medical specialists. With salon-based

MAKE & BAKE FROM SCRATCH As the blog name suggests, Lynne Whelehan likes to make and bake from scratch, with fresh, whole and natural produce. Make & Bake from Scratch was set up to promote natural eating and to highlight how simple it can be to prepare meals from scratch.

Beauty Buzz Linda Evangelista Age: 48 WHERE SHE STARTED Evangelista moved to New York when she was 19, wanting to make it in the modelling world. However, success didn’t come easily. It took three years for her to land her first big shoot, with French Vogue in 1987. Then came

Beauty Buzz Iman Age: 48   WHERE SHE STARTED Somalia-born Iman says she was a nerdy child growing up. “I never fitted in, so I became laboriously studious.” She was 18, a student of political science at Nairobi University, when photographer Peter Beard saw her walking along the street and

Anti-aging beauty snags you should know about 1. Whiskers WHERE? All things hairy suddenly get unruly. Where hair should be, it grows sparse, pale and limp (your lashes, brows and formerly luxurious, shiny mane lose pigment, grow thin and grey), and where it should not be, it suddenly starts sprouting

  Cellulite is a term used for that orange peel effect that seems to be attracted to your thighs and bottom. The bad news is that cellulite is genetic (if your gran and mom had it, you will get it too), and is caused when the natural structure of the

Winter Skin

  Winter can wreak havoc on our skin. Not only can the season leave us dry and chapped, but the wind, low-humidity and intense indoor heat can also make our complexions appear dull. Dermatologist and “Forget the Facelift” author, Dr. Doris Day shares her top skincare secrets to keeping our

  A recent study, conducted by scientists at Manchester University and London’s Institute of Cancer Research, has left them questioning the effect of sunscreen according to a report published the journal Nature. Sun exposure has long been known as a risk factor for melanoma skin cancer (the most common form

SPF is all about keeping skin safe from the sun. We just put it on, step outside, and trust in what’s in the bottle, assured it will do its job and keep us from frying. But, there are actually a number of things we do that make our sunscreen unsafe.