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With her recent album release and intimate glimpse into her life, Beyoncé shows that you can find balance in your life by being a sexual being, a dedicated wife and mother and successful in what you do. Here’s how… Be real to yourself When Beyoncé released her fifth album in

Heidi Klum Age: 40   Where she started: The German beauty started her modelling career at the age of 18. After moving to New York, she became a Victoria’s Secret model. She achieved supermodel status after appearing on the cover of the 1998 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.   Where she

Did you know that four in 10 people with psoriasis feel their partner found them unattractive because of it, and 15% will not go on holiday for fear of having to bare all? These findings are the result of a report published by Exorex to mark the launch of the

Most women would vote their eyes as their most expressive, sparkling feature however, the eye area is also plagued with a myriad beauty problems from dark circles to visible lines and puffiness. What’s more, as you age, you’ll probably find your eyes require a little more attention to keep that sparkle.

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In this year’s Rubies Choice Awards, hosted by, South African women got a chance to vote for their favourite beauty products. From hair, makeup, skincare and body products, here’s what they love MAKEUP Face – Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation You love: The smell, the lasting coverage and the lightweight formulation.

Being in the limelight means taking extra care of yourself. We ask six beautiful women who have an understanding of what this is all about. Local women share their celebrity beauty tips and secrets with us. 20’s Pearl Thusi Claim to fame: Artist/ Entertainer How do you take care of your skin?

In this extract from an interview in Longevity magazine, Nazareen Ebrahim asked Ramesh Ramukumar,  a colon hydro therapist, author and speaker to share a few alternative ways to feel younger and  live healthier. Ramesh began his search for enlightenment and good health in 1993 when diseased, divorced, angry and confused

Dr Eric Braverman, a pioneer in anti-aging medicine and author of the books The Edge Effect and Younger You, says he has cracked the aging code. In a recent report he authored, he theorises that organs that age faster than a person’s actual age put that person at risk, and

Actress Kate Winslet  believes that women should accept themselves as they are She may be a popular actress, but is as down to earth as they come. At home Kate prefers to do her own make-up and uses the bare basics for her natural look: mascara, a bit of concealer

Flush the stress of your day out of your face with this DIY mini-facial that will help you age better. Put aside just 20 minutes once or twice a week for this little ritual that will have you looking and feeling revived and refreshed. Cleanse. Using a cleanser such as