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Getting the most out of your spa experience doesn’t necessarily depend on your spa, but more so on how you communicate your needs to your spa therapist and the spa receptionist when you arrive. Ultimately the spa experience is all about you! Your comfort, your goals and your peace of mind

  Did you love our March cover girl Jennifer Lopez as much as we did? Here is how to get her look with the help of her makeup artists at L’Oreal Paris. Jennifer Lopez believes in life, love and everything else – she is inspired by those around her, believes

Research reveals that kissing is good for you. Not only does a long, passionate kiss help regulate your heartbeat, lower your cholesterol and decreases your blood pressure, but it also relieves stress and burns calories. Best news of all, kissing makes you younger! Kissing stimulates more than 30 facial muscles,

Ageing isn’t about the “butt dropping”, Cameron Diaz has warned. Having just released, The Body Book, a tome designed to help women learn about their bodies and how to look after them, the 41-year-old is often praised for her youthful looks, which she maintains by eating healthily and working out

  Your essential guide to ageless beauty, with expert opinion and detailed beauty insights for all ages and stages of life. Aging skin Planning your beauty treatments with lifestyle changes will ensure that your beauty requirements are correctly met and that you get the most out of your anti-aging plan.

Dr Maureen Allem – leading Cosmetic Doctor answers your anti-aging, skin care, body contouring and weight loss questions.     “Dear Dr Allem, I am a thirty five year old, mother of three. Over the past few years I have noticed more and more pigmentation on my face, especially in summer.

A survey, conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), suggests that the popularity of selfies promotes more plastic surgery among younger women. The organisation blames the trend on the popularity of selfies and photo-based social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. “Social platforms, like Instagram,

In this column, Lesley Stones looks at the fascination with retaining youth. When I was a kid I used to think anyone over 20 was ancient. What an idiot! Now I indulgently describe people as immature youngsters if they’re still merely in their 30s. Age is a relative thing, and as


By Kim Bell Did you know that hair loss has become the fastest-growing category, after hair colour, in the professional industry? According to the experts at Bosley Professional Strength (, throughout history men and women have searched for ways to treat hair loss. There are a number of reasons for

Cape Town plastic and reconstructive surgeon and member of The Allergan Medical Aesthetics Academy, Dr Nerina Wilkinson, talks about facial injectables – what you need to know Myth 1: All facial injectables are the same. Firstly, we must understand the difference between anti-wrinkle injectables and facial fillers like Juvéderm. An anti-wrinkle injectable, is