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A new revolutionary compound, which is silver-based and could potentially reverse the negative side effects of chemotherapy, has recently been discovered by UJ researchers. The complex delivering the most promising results was tested in both rats and human cancer cells in laboratory studies, yielding success. The compound has been named

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The old phrase ‘black don’t crack’ is considered responsible for the widely accepted concept that when it comes to aging, skin concerns like wrinkles and sagging skin don’t apply to the black population. Can this be true though? We asked the experts about the most common aging concerns for black and/or Asian

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These are the top medical breakthroughs we’ve picked up recently. 1. DNA modification for treating skin disease DNA modification research has led to the very successful treatment of a serious skin disease, undertaken by the Children’s Hospital at Ruhr University in Germany, together with specialists across Europe. A young Syrian

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The first few tiny leaves growing on a wild rocket plant can pack quite a punch in terms of health benefits. This is even more so when such micro-greens are grown under constant high lighting, says Stellenbosch University plant researcher Dr Bianke Loedolff. Dr Loedolff studies natural ways that can

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Here are the most prominent medical breakthroughs that took place at the end of 2017, from man-made human blood to an artificial pancreas. 1. Scientists remove HIV from animals A study published in the journal Molecular Therapy has revealed that scientists are finally closer to finding a permanent cure for

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Botulinum toxin has been used for more than 30 years in both aesthetic medicine and as a treatment for many medical conditions. However, it is used extensively in aesthetic medicine for muscle paralysis (mainly in the face) and treating excessive sweating.  Botulinum Toxin: What Is It? Botulinum toxin is produced from refined Clostridium Botulinum

An ingredient to watch out for is Matrixyl. Dermatologist Dr Hardie De Beer says that some women age more gracefully than others. De Beer says that it’s true that our genes largely control when skin changes occur. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t help delay the process. Ingredient Content In Products Are Important

There are certain supplements which you can buy, ingredients and or substances which your body produces and others found in your food that have important anti-aging properties for your skin and hair. We’ve identified seven key anti-aging ingredients that will help you look better, for longer AMINO ACIDS Amino acids

By Dr. Anushka Reddy If the first half of 2015 proved anything, it’s that the global anti-aging market shows no signs of slowing down. In 2013, the market was estimated at US$35 billion, and is likely to augment at a CAGR of around 7% during 2013-2018. The key factors driving

By Riekie Smit Thanks to scientists, cosmetics and cosmetic treatments are getting better every year (or even every month). Research and development in the cosmetic industry has grown to such an extent that we are seeing more rapid results and deeper penetration of topically applied products, which are becoming comparable