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Lack of sleep makes you grumpy, hungry and irritable. Grumpy, hungry and irritable are not the first step on the road to a romp in the sheets. Now, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that simply adding to the amount you sleep increases the chance

To paint the pout or not to paint the pout? For many of us, wearing lipstick is a personal preference.  We may not have thought about this much before, taking as a given that we either do, or don’t, love to lacquer up our lips. But the results of a new

When one is in the mood, there is very little more satisfying than sensual, passionate, love-making. We all go through waves of sexual inspiration, but when we have a long-term dry patch, our personal motivation and relationship chemistry can take easily take a dive. Sometimes it is the little things

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What role do our genes play in the aging process? How can exercise influence this role at a molecular level? Recent research shows that long term exercise promotes natural anti-aging. The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak “for the

This year’s Miss Veet SA Final was a glam event, hosted by the beautiful Melinda Bam, who won Miss South Africa 2011 and is Veet SA’s current ambassador. Taking place at the Westcliff, Four Seasons Hotel, Arcadia Ballroom this event was attended by some of the top names in the South African fashion

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A hair loss survey conducted by independent company Plus 94 Research, on behalf of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, has found that hair loss is more prevalent in middle-aged South African men than erectile dysfunction. Close on 40% of the 600 men (aged 20 to 65) showed signs of hair loss. This

On Saturday morning our readers took some time out from the bustle of their busy lives to attend a master class on the top trending cosmeceuticals and hair care practices as well as a presentation on The Art & Science of Finding Your Longevity, sponsored by Optiphi and hosted by the

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Heather Vounnou, Ella Bachè National Training Manager, has confirmed just one more example of how including sugar in your diet has a negative impact on your body’s health. This time, the focus is on skin health and how glycation has become a major anti-aging concern. Glycation is the process whereby sugar molecules

Here is a round up of recently released beauty products that will help you age gracefully. LASH ALERT Unfortunately, our eyelashes fall victim to the aging process too. Traditionally eyelashes go through four growth stages: growth, resting, shedding and regrowth. However, as we age, the eyelash follicles slow down in producing eyelashes, or

Freelance contributor Mary Bradley gives the low down on some common cosmetic procedures                       Breast augmentation (aka boob job) – where gel or silicone implants are inserted to enlarge the appearance of the breast. Breast reduction – the use of surgery