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What does it do? Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment has been created for anyone with aging or prematurely aging skin, to prevent the formation of fine feather lines around the lip area. As an innovative product in its field, it comes in a long cylindrical tube with a specially designed applicator

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To say my hair is a dream to work with is a far cry from the truth. While it may not be the most difficult, it’s definitely not easy either. I have a natural soft curl, which, although I like it, is masked by a great deal of frizz from

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In this product review article, we share on the best and latest in beauty so that you know exactly what to expect from the newest products on the shelves right now. 1. If you want instantly luminous skin, you need to get a primer with active ingredients Try: Sisley Instant Éclat Base Lumière,

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What does it do? The Genaissance de La Mer Collection launched in 2015 with a unique serum containing the new The Eye and Expression Cream. What sets the range apart is its use of biofermented ingredients that become micronutrients your skin can easily absorb. This anti-aging cream works on rejuvenating,

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Grey hair– you either love it or hate it, show it off or hide it away. According to research, different ethnic groups will generally go grey at different times. Caucasians tend to start from the mid-30s, while ethnic hair tends to go grey only after 50. Contrary to popular belief,

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We all know that we are what we eat, so what do your hair, skin and nails say about you? Our list of the 10 best beauty foods will have you glowing and gorgeous this year. 1. Oats For white spots on nails This may indicate that you are lacking

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You may be surprised to find out how common many of your skin and hair problems actually are. Here we present you with the solutions to the those pesky concerns. 1. Problem: dry, itchy skin We all know that the drier, winter months tend to result in dry and irritated

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From supplements to Botox treatments to beauty products – it seems that one has to break the bank just to ensure that your body gets enough collagen. This skin element is a type of protein found in the second layer of the skin that, along with other proteins, strengthens the skin.

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In this product review article, we share on the best and latest in beauty so that you know exactly what to expect from the newest products on the shelves. For this one, we reviewed the new Daily Superfoliant by Dermalogica. What does it do? This daily exfoliant detoxes your skin from air pollution

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Slimming treatments are a multimillion-rand operation in this country alone. Here is what you need to take into consideration when planning to undergo a weight-loss journey. South Africans are getting more overweight and obese with time, due to their genetics and their food and lifestyle choices. A lack of exercise or