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A difficult menopause is no joke, but adding rapid hair loss and balding to that, is every woman’s greatest nightmare. Understanding that 95% of hair loss in women and men has an androgenic undercurrent, the team at Dr. Wolff Research decided to find a way of preventing the downward hair loss spiral

Top brands around the world have been using a secret new beauty ingredient you may not know about: intention. Today hospital surgeons, psychologists and even biochemists, are welcoming the art of mindfulness and blessing into their workplace. Even if you are questioning why one would use uplifting intention while making


 By Dr. Alistair Clark Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is a term used to describe the delivery of extremely high energy from a light source used in skin laser treatments. This applies to laser, which is a single, specific wavelength of laminar light rays. IPL by contrast, is a broad

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  Home treatments are a great way to supplement your in-salon facials, and while there are some fantastic products available, sometimes it is fun to create your own natural products. Here are a few anti-aging recipes to try at home: CUCUMBER AND ALOE COLD CREAM          

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Glamour, style and sophistication filled the air on Thursday 27th August, as Joburg’s hottest celebrities, “fashionistas” and media gathered in Sandton for a first-hand experience of Elizabeth Arden’s latest innovation in the world of beauty. The iconic, international beauty brand revealed a fresh new communication strategy inspired by its birthplace-New

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More and more people are opting for aesthetic treatments, but what are the most popular natural looking treatments available? Gone are the days of looking fake and overdone, says Dr Natasha Chapman, a GP specialising in aesthetic treatments at Laserderm. The trend in aesthetics these days is a very natural

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The Miracu Thread-lift, a non-surgical, no-scar facelift, is generating quite a buzz in South Africa. The treatment, which has been a hot favourite in Europe and the East for a few years, is now available in South Africa. What Happens During a Miracu Thread-lift? During the procedure, which only medical

A LONGEVITY PROMOTION Imedeen, pioneering internal skincare since 1991, is an anti-ageing skincare tablet that helps improve skin all over and designed for different ages and skincare needs. As a market leader in the field of skincare from within, Imedeen is recognised as a benchmark for excellence in offering an

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This year’s World Congress on Healthy Aging (WCHA 2015) is being held right here in Sandton next month. According to Time magazine: “We live in extraordinary times. And thanks to medical and scientific advances that even a generation ago would have sounded like science fiction, our lives are getting longer.” This